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About Creative Technologies at Nottingham Trent University

The MA in Creative Technologies course is designed to give you the opportunity to research and develop the commercial, technical and conceptual skills needed to succeed as a professional in your chosen area of expertise within the global creative industries. As a result, the course will further your knowledge while at the same time pushing the boundaries of the possibilities in creating products to an industry standard. You are encouraged to be innovative and imaginative in the use of technology when generating creative solutions. The course promotes a multidisciplinary culture and working environment and students are encouraged to look at collaboration and cross-fertilisation of ideas.

This course is taught at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies in Nottingham. It is delivered in partnership and fully validated by the School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University.

Why choose this course?

  • Critically evaluate current debates at the forefront of the creative industries
  • Undertake comprehensive research and enquiry to advance new knowledge in the field of creative technology
  • Explore and evaluate the role of new and emerging creative technologies when challenging audience perspectives and in having cultural impact from a domestic and international perspective
  • Critically reflect on professional and ethical standards within the creative industries relevant to manufacturing, production, IP and sustainability
  • Self-direct your investigations into contemporary practices and apply these theories to your work
  • Systematically design and propose original and imaginative content for the creative industry marketplace
  • Visualise and disseminate experimental creative technology artefacts within your area of focus and critically reflect on user experience
  • Demonstrate leadership and autonomy in tackling and solving problems when working on experimental creative technology artefacts
  • Manage your professional development by appraising and defining personal objectives in line with your career aspirations

How you're taught

As a postgraduate student you will be taught through seminars, group discussions, workshops and both group and individual tutorials with your supervisor and the wider course team. You will be taught by lecturers who are experts in the field of creative technologies and by guest industry practitioners.

The following teaching and learning methods are used within the course:

  • Research Workshops – a series of tutor-led workshops that aim to introduce you to the research processes, industry practices, current debates, issues and theories associated with the creative industries.
  • Group Tutorials – working with your tutor, industry contacts and your peers you will further explore and extend your understanding of the subject. Group tutorials will give you the opportunity to negotiate your research ideas, receive feedback on your work in progress and to support you in managing your project and meeting milestones effectively. You will be expected to record, reflect on and use this feedback and your own insights.
  • Individual Tutorials – regular tutorials will allow you to discuss your development on the course alongside specific discussion with your project supervisor
  • Professional Journals – throughout the course you will complete a reflective record of your learning and professional development of your research project which follows industry processes of research, development and production
  • Technical Portfolios – in each module you will be supported in producing a portfolio of work demonstrating the development of your research project.
  • Technology and IT Skills Workshops – you will work individually and in small groups to apply your subject knowledge provided to real life industry situations. These may take place in IT suites, TV studios, recording studios or workshop spaces

Assessment methods

Course work is based on establishing your own focused question and then developing a project that aims at challenging conventions in the use of creative technologies. This project should be a 'live' project negotiated with a tutor and industry practitioner that reflects real-life, audience facing, creative technology challenges. You will produce your own project plan, identifying how you wish to use creative technologies in developing your own practice, ultimately impacting your potential career in the creative industries.

Careers and employability

Potential job roles could include:

  • 3D Animation programmer
  • Visual Effects producer
  • Audio Visual system designer
  • Software engineer
  • VR simulations developer
  • Games developer
  • Application designer or developer
  • Digital platforms engineer
  • Social and locative media engineer
  • Camera assistant
  • Edit assistant
  • Lighting assistant
  • Colourist
  • Researcher
  • Production assistant
  • Post house technical support
  • Rental house support
  • Camera / Lighting technician


As a student on Confetti's postgraduate courses, you'll be based in the Antenna Media Centre in Nottingham's Creative Quarter. This will provide you with a unique learning experience where your studies will take place directly within a commercial, creative environment alongside professional creative businesses. This location will allow you to be immersed within the most beneficial environment to research your chosen area of focus in the field of Creative Technologies.

Study options for this course

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Entry requirements

Contact Nottingham Trent University to find course entry requirements.

What students think about Nottingham Trent University

    Claudia Agyemang-Yeboah, Human Rights and Justice – LLM, (Ghana)

    Testimonial from Claudia Agyemang-Yeboah, Human Rights and Justice – LLM, (Ghana), student at Nottingham Trent University

    “The city is ideal. I’ve been to London a couple of times and frankly it is too busy and too big for me. Nottingham has a city vibe but it’s smaller and as I am based on City Campus there are so many places that you can go without having to even use transportation which economically is very good as well!”

    “There are so many opportunities when you are at NTU. Take advantage of every opportunity that you have. Sign up and do something, it builds up your experience and confidence. NTU is such a relaxing, comfortable environment with so many friendly people.  I’ve met most of my friends from my classes and have met people from so many places. It was a goal of mine to make friends not only from Africa, but from all over the world. The Global Lounge is a great place to meet new people, have a cup of coffee and hang out.

    “It’s a good decision coming here. I’d do it over and over again. I’ve learnt a lot in so many ways. If you have the opportunity, you should really consider here. The experience has been wonderful and I’m enjoying every second of it.”

    Read Claudia's profile

    Makayla Martinez, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion, (United States of America)

    Testimonial from Makayla Martinez, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion, (United States of America), student at Nottingham Trent University

    "I am 21 and have changed my plans but I think it is the best decision I have made in my life. Fashion has always been my dream and since being here last year, I had never felt such a sense of belonging.

    "I chose NTU because of the social side and the sense of community. This seemed so prevalent here; I have made so many friends from all over the world. There is so much to do in the city. It is so friendly and unified!"

    “My main piece of advice would be to do research about the city before you arrive. Make sure you know where your accommodation is in relation to the rest of the city and where you will be studying, that is really important. I had no idea how big the city was so at the beginning it took time to find out what grocery stores there were and where was good to eat out. Research will help with this as well as not being afraid to explore and find new things. You can ask anyone for help too as it is a really friendly city."

    Read Makayla's profile

    Kamakshi Marwah, MSc Applied Child Psychology, (India)

    Testimonial from Kamakshi Marwah, MSc Applied Child Psychology, (India), student at Nottingham Trent University

    “While applying I considered other university courses but NTU had better facilities to offer and the course offered a proper melange of theories and real world applications. I was very particular about module structure, programme-based ranking and university rankings. NTU has a prestigious reputation and the quality of learning they provide is something I considered while applying to this University.”

    “Location was one of the key features of this University as you will find everything conveniently located. Another important aspect is that it is very student friendly. Nottingham has been like living a dream - it has given me a once in a life time opportunity to explore and live independently.”

    “Every day has become a new learning chapter. I believe that my learning as a postgraduate student has significantly enhanced my capabilities and skills set which will help me for my future career. Postgraduate study has given me a new dimension to my career plans as I have discovered new career opportunities where I can work and give back to society. I plan to work as a counsellor or child psychologist in a school or charitable organisation and, after gaining few years of professional experience, I would also consider pursuing a PhD.”

    Read Kamakshi's profile

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