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Making a Difference

Founded in 1897 and built on strong values, Montpellier Business School offers French and International talents who are unique in their diversity and their backgrounds, the excellency of an internationally recognised French Grande Ecole of Management.

By choosing Montpellier Business School, you're choosing to become a responsible actor in a changing world.

Our mission

Montpellier Business School’s mission is to “train, through higher education programmes, managers who are strengthened by their diversity, aware of their global responsibility in carrying out their missions and able to adapt to changes in local, national and international environments”.

Our values: a commitment at the root of every action

At Montpellier Business School, three major families of institutional values guide every aspect of the school’s functioning and teaching and are reflected every day in all of its actions and commitments:

Ethics: capacity to engage in critical thinking about the rules of human conduct, whatever they may be; that is to say, to constantly question general actions through the singular act in order to define the “right thing to do”, based on the values of honesty, fairness and integrity.

Openness and diversity: capacity of dealing with diversity in all its forms, either voluntarily or involuntarily, without demagogic intent, with intelligence of positive openness.

Global responsibility and performance: the constant search for economic, social and environmental efficiency in one’s actions, a sharp awareness of their impacts on all stakeholders along with a willingness to report them in a transparent manner.

Innovation at the heart of programmes

Montpellier Business School bases its research and teaching on management innovation and entrepreneurship as well as corporate social responsibility.

The research works of the Faculty of Montpellier Business School, which is composed of many permanent teachers-researchers, helps to ensure that teaching remains up-to-date in the particularly everchanging field of management science.

Innovative teaching methods moreover aim to develop a sense of responsibility and critical thinking which fosters students’ innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Montpellier Business School is also committed to sustainable partnerships in research and education fields.

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