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About Videography + Premier PRO at Marbella Design Academy

Videography + Premiere PRO Summer Course

The Summer Course in Videography offers an introduction to and practice in the basic concepts and skills of videography. The goal is to teach the student to see subjects in a cinematic way, to convert those ideas into framing, shots and sequences and adjust and suit these ideas to different types of film/video genres and styles. Through a mixture of analysis and experimentation students learn the following:

• An understanding and insight into the invention of cinema and film language.
• Appreciation and analysis of different filmic conventions and genres.
• Understanding and practice of concepts of image composition.
• Understanding and practice of technical concepts of the DSLR camera, framing, depth of field, exposure, image quality and type.
• Understanding and practice of shot types for different genres of video.
• Planning and creation of shot lists and story boarding of sequences for filming
• An introduction to basic lighting design and skills.
• An introduction to and practice in the use of Premiere Pro.
• Examination and understanding of the theory of montage.
• Practice in editing techniques: rhythm of cutting, use of sound, image correction and manipulation.
• Practice in multi clip editing.

A series of practical assignments will allow students to build their understanding and application of camera work, creation and editing. Through the following creative themes:

• Basic compositional practice.
• Tourist promotional video.
• Application of montage theory to themes using library footage.
• Creating dramatic action sequences: the chase.
• Creative use of camera angle and shot styles: The horror movie.
• Multiclip synchronisation: the music video, lighting and creative effects.

WEEK 1: Basic concepts and camera skills (20h)*

  • Introduction to history of film.
  • DSLR Basics.
  • Basic shot language of film - image composition.
  • Introduction to Premier Pro.
  • Camera angles and framing.
  • Basic editing and montage principles.
  • Kuleshow effect and continuity editing
  • Practical task.

*Theoretical classes will be combined with indoor and outdoor practical tasks.

WEEK 2: Film genre and shot language (20h)

  • Editing practice - transitions, using sound, export.
  • Film language - classic montage theory of Eisenstein.
  • Montage practice using found footage - agit prop.
  • Introduction to film genre.
  • Shot analysis of different film genres.
  • Story boarding and narrative action shooting.
  • Editing practice - trimming, image correction.
  • Practical task - the chase sequence.

WEEK 3: Creative forms, editing concepts and advanced shot language (20h)

  • Detailed analysis of shot language and genre - horror movies.
  • Pratice and shooting of horror movie trailer.
  • Editing practice - colour grading, use of titles and sound effects.
  • Introduction to basic lighting skills.
  • Multi-camera shooting and editing.
  • Pratical task - live multi-cam shooting of performance.

Required Equipment

Laptop We recommend you to use a Laptop (PC or MAC) with 2 Gb RAM memory, 500Gb Hard Disk, a powerful graphic card and a 13 to 15' screen. The computer should have sufficient processing speed and RAM installed to enable video editing.

Adobe Creative Suite Package version CS6 or CC Your laptop needs to have Adobe Premiere Pro. installed. You can download a trial version which is valid for 30 days from Adobes Website or you can as a student at the Academy buy a student version of the programme.

DSLR Camera Canon, Nikon or similar
Students should have access to a good quality DSLR camera that shoots HD video, in both automatic and manual modes. Memory Card compatible with your digital camera, 16 Gb. iphone 5, 5S or later version.


Green Screen Technology: Marbella Design Academy has its very own green screen for video effects. Through the magic of motion video and green screen technology our students are now able to create amazing motion graphics. Interior students can be scaled and transported into their own rendered scenes for video presentations. Fashion students can take their fashion shoots to exotic places and superimpose any digital or virtual background behind the models in their videos. Graphics students can create Hollywood style visual effects for their projects. Marbella Design Academy's new green screen uses a technology known as 'Chroma Keying'. This is the process of isolating a single color in an electronic image and using software to make that value transparent, allowing another image or background to show through instead. If the colour of the subject matches the green background too closely, those areas will also be removed, making a hole through which the background will show. For this reason bright green is used in the film industry as it is not a colour traditionally worn by TV or Movie personalities.

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardSummer SchoolHow you will studyPart-timeHow long you will study3 weeks
    Course startsJulyDomestic course feesEUR 1200 per totalInternational course feesEUR 1200 per total

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What students think about Marbella Design Academy

    Lauriane L'Eplattenier from Switzerland - Fashion Design Graduated Student

    My name is Lauriane L’Eplattenier from Switzerland. I have just graduated from Marbella Design Academy and have been awarded a first class BA Hons Fashion Degree by the Marbella Design Academy's UK partner University in London - United Kingdom. 

    “To me, Fashion is not restricted to only clothing and beauty, but it is all encompassing in creativity and expression. Fashion can define you as a person.

    I have during my study at Marbella Design Academy learnt so much about fashion design and the industry, from freehand drawing to developing clothes collections to the actual sewing and finishing. I have also learnt a lot about Marketing, how to make your own business, fashion show presentation and even jewellery making.

    You study with students from more than 45 different nationalities and cultures. It is a great inspiration with so many different approaches and ideas for collections.

    The students are offered great opportunities to enter in the working world with design competitions and fashion shows during their study. The Fashion design students are encouraged to take part in several real life fashion shows and competitions, such as Malaga Fashion Week, Runway Gibraltar New Designer Competition, Marbella Luxury Week-End, and Marbella Crea & Starlite Festival. I have participated in them all and won two times at Malaga Fashion Week and has also won Frankfurt Style Award. It has been a unique experience  to participate among other creative talents and get constructive feedback as well as advice from the professionals within the Fashion Design industry.

    Our Fashion teachers are great. Always helping us to realise our wildest ideas and build our own style.

    I really liked studying at Marbella Design Academy because we had no creative restrictions. We were given the opportunity to experiment and create exactly what we wanted."

    Hafiz Rosli, 26, Gothenburg - Sweden. Graphic Design, final year (3rd)

    "I chose Marbella Design Academy because the school is multicultural and offers a world class education in a congenial environment. Definitely the weather and live style that comes with it is great too. I have just received some job offers waiting for me when I finish, so I look forward to my future."

    Jessica, from Germany - Interior Architecture Student

    I’m studying Interior Architecture, about to finish my First Year. For me, choosing Marbella Design Academy was definitely not hard. I fell in love with the University the first day I looked at their website and even went visiting it but the location, Spain was another good point for me. Being part of this University, is like having a family far away from home. The administration, the Professors and the students here at Marbella Design Academy are very friendly, they make you feel loved, and know exactly who you are and what type of personality you’ve got. Marbella Design Academy is more than just a university, it is your second home, you don’t even want to leave the place until late in the afternoon. They just make you gain so much experience. I live in Monda near the Academy. People are friendly, almost all the students live there. There are places in Monda, you just have to explore. There are perfect walks to let loose and get inspire, for any course. I love it.

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