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About Master (Blended Learning) of Evaluation (MABLE) at Distance and Independent Studies Center, TU Kaiserslautern

The two-year blended learning program is designed for three general target groups:

1. The "Blended Learning Master of Evaluation" (MABLE) is especially designed for graduates of social science study programs, but also appropriate for students of other subjects (Bachelor degree level).

2. The course enables extra-occupational studies especially for freelancers and self-employed evaluators. The modular course structure and the self-learning options make MABLE a good choice for experienced evaluators who want to enhance or deepen their knowledge in specific areas.

3. MABLE is not only for evaluators, but also for the people who commission evaluations and want to gain new insights into the field of evaluation. Many aspects of the program are directed towards people who have to conduct evaluations on behalf of donor organizations, administrative agencies, or government ministries and intended to provide the tools and guidelines to assist in the completion of their tasks.

This course is taught entirely in English.

The aim of the two-year "Blended Learning Master of Evaluation" (MABLE) Program is to develop and strengthen the evaluation and monitoring capacities of government, private sector, and social organizations with a view to improving the performance of state administrations and the delivery of public services.

Study options for this course

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    Course starts find outDomestic course feesEUR 1500 per semesterInternational course feesEUR 1500 per semester

Notes about fees for this course

The study fees Blended Learning Master of Evaluation (MABLE) are 1.500 Euro per term, plus the mandatory social services fee of currently 108 Euro per term. Starting from the third semester over the regular study time of four semesters, a reduced fee of 30 % of the semester fee is levied. These study fees cover all costs for the digital teaching material, participation in the on campus events, term exams and all administration expenses. However, they do not include any travel, accommodation or meal costs for the on campus events. The study fees are exempted from German VAT and are tax-deductible.

Entry requirements

International applicants wishing to study for a Master's degree at Saarland University will generally undergo the same application process as German applicants but possibly with different application deadlines. Details about any differences in the application procedures are available on the relevant web pages for your chosen degree programme.

In order to be able to apply for admission to Saarland University via the online application portal you will need to provide the following information: information about your academic history and qualifications and, if appropriate, any study-abroad period or academic qualifications acquired in another country; any professional and/or any practically relevant experience; information about your school leaving certificate (higher education entrance qualification). Please note that the online application portal can only be accessed during the relevant application periods.

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