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About Governance of Sustainability Transformations at Wageningen University and Research

To address sustainability challenges related to climate, water, energy, food and biodiversity, transformative changes in the way we think, organize, decide and act are necessary. But how to bring such fundamental changes about? Can governments, businesses and civil society organize or steer these transformations? And how to do so in the face of growing inequality, urbanization, digitalization, and the rise of populism for example? These are some of the big governance questions that are at the core of this programme, which aims to educate future leaders in governments, NGOs and academia. You will develop in-depth understanding of the social, political and legal dimensions of transformative governance and put this to work in designs of and negotiations over novel governance arrangements. The program’s embeddedness in one of the world’s leading life sciences universities creates opportunities for the development of true interdisciplinary skills and science for impact, which are needed to address today’s and future grand sustainability challenges.

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  • The awardMScHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study2 years
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesEUR 2209 per yearInternational course feesEUR 18700 per year

Entry requirements

If you have a BSc in in a relevant Social Science field, or a BSs in Environmental Sciences with a substantial social sciences component, you might be eligible for this master. Check Admission and Application for more information.

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