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MA, PG Dip

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1 Years

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About Social and Political Thought (MA, PG Dip) at University of Warwick

Providing a thorough grounding in the classical traditions of social and political theory, this MA addresses key concepts and ideas that are central to the analysis of contemporary society, politics and culture. These include debates over the basis of contemporary capitalism, neoliberalism and biopolitics, and the fundamental socio-biological question of what it means to be ‘human’. The programme anchors many of these debates and concerns within the history of social and political thought.

You’ll study two core modules. The first — State, Capitalism and Market — reflects analytically and critically on capitalism and its recurrent crises, particularly the recent financial crisis. The second core module — Politics and Social Theory — focuses on the concept of ideology as a defining feature of politics, and especially the role that both religion and science have played in constituting modern political ideologies.

We also encourage you to pursue your own substantive interests by choosing from a wide range of optional modules. Questions can be explored through personal research in your final dissertation project. Following the course, you’ll be well-placed to move into a wide range of careers including teaching, media, accountancy, public and charitable sectors.

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In this video Nicholas Gane, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of the Social Theory Centre, discusses our MA Social and Political Thought.

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Study options for this course

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  • The awardMA, PG DipHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study1 year
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  • The awardMA, PG DipHow you will studyPart-timeHow long you will study2 years
    Course starts find outDomestic course fees find outInternational course fees find out

Notes about fees for this course

Full time:
Home/EU: £8,170 per year
Overseas: £18,380 per year

Part time: (Part time fees are charged over first 2 years of study)
Home/EU: £4,085 per year
Overseas: £9,190 per year

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