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Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCU

University College Utrecht is a three year bachelor program, where you graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. It is an honors program, part of Utrecht University.

At UCU you study Liberal Arts and Sciences, an educational philosophy that is common in the United States. Instead of choosing just one subject, you create your own study programme from a large number of courses in Science, Social Science and Humanities.

Think about it. The problems we face nowadays are complex. To understand global warming, for example, you need the sciences. But you can’t fully grasp it without knowledge of politics, economics or even ethics. By studying more than one discipline, you learn to approach problems from different perspectives and to think ‘outside the box’. This is what we call multi- and interdisciplinary thinking.

Creating your own study programme can be difficult. That is why at UCU you have a personal tutor, who will help you think about your future, and choose the right courses.

Campus life is an essential part of UCU. All 750 students live on the international campus in the historic city of Utrecht, where they also follow their classes. In addition, students are encouraged to take part in activities on and off the campus, organized by student-led committees.

UCU Curriculum

A UCU education is characterized by its broad and interdisciplinary nature. As a student, therefore, you design your own curriculum. The curriculum does not have a fixed structure; instead you combine different courses to assemble a personal study programme. You can choose from over 200 courses in Science, Social Science and Humanities.

You can find more detailed information and course outlines on our website.

After UCU

The vast majority of UCU graduates enroll in Master’s programmes, in virtually all fields of specialization. As a result, they find jobs with a large range of employers in a large range of fields. UCU graduates work as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, policy advisors, consultants, politicians, PhD researchers, marketeers, and in many other professions. It all depends on which Master’s programme you choose after UCU.

Many UCU graduates are admitted to top Master’s programmes in the Netherlands and abroad. A Liberal Arts and Sciences degree, therefore, is a valuable asset for a successful career.

Application and Admission

UCU’s application procedure differs in many ways from most bachelor programmes. To be accepted at UCU applicants must undergo a selection procedure. Each year UCU selects about 225 students from a considerably larger pool of applicants. Candidates must meet a set of minimum requirements and fit a general profile to be accepted. The same assessment criteria hold for all students and are applied fairly and impartially.

You can find more information on our admissions procedure and requirements on our website.

More information

Please visit our website for more detailed information or come and visit UCU at one of our open days.

Courses at University College Utrecht (UCU)

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