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About Law and French/German at Trinity College Dublin


Law with French or German are demanding programmes that give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the law, language and culture of one of the principal continental civil law jurisdictions, in addition to receiving a grounding in Irish and general EU law. Far more is involved than simply attaching a language component to your law degree. Each programme is integrated in the sense that language is taught in the context of developing an understanding of the general, as well as the specifically legal, culture of the country concerned. Each programme is taught over four years with a compulsory year abroad.

Is this the right course for me?

In addition to a desire to study law itself, you will need a specific and strong interest in the general culture, legal, political, economic and sociological make-up of either France or Germany. You should also be willing and have the ability to become fluent in the relevant language.

Course content

In the Freshman (first two) years you will study a variety of legal subjects including legal systems and methods, constitutional law, torts, criminal law, contract, land law and introduction to civil law. Alongside this you will take an integrated course on language and civilisation covering aspects of sociology, legal systems, politics and constitutional law. Lectures, tutorials and language laboratory work are all involved.

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