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Primary School

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1 - 8 year

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About Primary School Program at South Australian Government Schools

South Australian government primary schools offer dynamic learning environments that encourage students to develop skills and discover new interests. Classrooms are spacious and there are specialist learning areas, computer suites and extensive sporting and outdoor play areas.

You can choose a school that is near the beach, close to the city centre or in the country.

As a primary school student you will be accompanied by your parent or guardian.

If you are between 5 and 12 years of age and want to study for longer than one year, then our Primary School Program is for you. This longer term program will give you the opportunity to learn English, participate in interactive educational activities and make friends with young Australian primary school students. You can commence your studies at the beginning of any school term from Reception to Year 7.

Learn more about the Primary School Program

If you will be studying for one year or less, you can enrol in our Primary School Study Abroad Program.

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardPrimary SchoolHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study1 - 8 year
    Course startsJanuary, July, April, OctoberDomestic course fees find outInternational course fees find out

Notes about fees for this course

  • May include 1, 2, 3, or 4 terms of Intensive Primary English support

Entry requirements

To commence your studies at 5 years of age, you must be listed on your parent’s guardian or ELICOS visa. To commence your studies at 6 years of age or older, you will need to apply for a student visa. You must live with your parent or guardian while studying in South Australia.

What students think about South Australian Government Schools

    Pablo, Brazil: My experience!

    Testimonial from Pablo, Brazil: My experience!, student at South Australian Government Schools

    My name is Pablo, I am 17 years old and I come from Brazil. The reason that I left Brazil for an exchange was I wanted to have an experience and improve my English, I reckon that is the best way to do it when you are young. 

    I chose Australia for an exchange because, when I was young, ‘Finding Nemo’ was my favourite movie and after I watched that, I started to search more about Australia and I just felt in love with it. I was looking for a country that speaks English as well, because my main reason of doing this was to improve my English and I really like the Australian accent.

    When I first came here my objective was making friends trying to be nice, friendly and Brazilian and everyone were really nice to me and welcoming. What has surprised me was the way that people live, because in my city in Brazil most of the people live in an apartment, and I was surprised that Adelaide is a way bigger city than mine and all of the people live in houses, suburbs and things like that. I was surprised as well with the weather; I thought it would be hotter than it is. I really like the Australian summer though, it was really fun and the beaches are beautiful.

    At school, I really have a good time with the ‘crazy’ subjects like, Drama, Engineer Drawing and Visual Arts. Drama was definitely the best subject to do here; it really helped me to get well with local students and to show myself and who I am to people. The drama performance was so funny and a remarkable moment, because I have never done it before, I just loved it. At my homestay was really good, I had everything I needed like food, cleaning and a bedroom. I enjoyed my time there, but I felt more like a hotel, which made me miss more my crazy and excited family in Brazil.

    I went to some places around Australia, like Kangaroo Island, Sydney and a few beaches in the south of South Australia. My trip to Kangaroo Island was really good, it is definitely on my list of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Everything there is so beautiful and really I enjoyed the things we did there because I was with my best friend, Paul from Germany. I went to Middleton, Port Elliot and Victor Harbor as well. I went there for surfing with some friends, it was really good to learn how to surf and I had a good time there. I have been to Sydney, definitely a city I would live forever. It was the best trip ever had, everything there is so amazing and I saw a lot with my three best friends in Australia, again with Paul, Lais and Beatriz, both from Brazil. 

    I had a really good time in Australia and I enjoyed quite everything, I can’t really say that I did not enjoy something. I learnt how to be independent and do things by myself, I had never need to catch public transport before, and in Australia I just caught public transport, I have been only three times in a car. I think that is good, because I really learn how to do things by myself and how to solve problems and tough times. I am really thankful for all the people who helped me here and the friends I made, they really were my family. I hope one day I can come back to Australia or go somewhere else to have another great experience, because it really prepared me for real life.

    David (Sweden): My experience!

    Testimonial from David (Sweden): My experience!, student at South Australian Government Schools

    After being at Henley High School (HHS) for a couple of months, I heard about a ski trip that was being arranged by the school. I had no idea that it was actually possible to ski in Australia, and since I'm a born skier I just could not resist going. So, I talked to my parents in Sweden and they allowed me to go. So about a month later I was on a bus with 25 other HHS students heading towards Mt. Buller, Victoria.

    We had a great bus ride and I got to see the beautiful country side of South Australia and Victoria. After about 12 hours we arrived at Mt Buller. At first I did not think much of it. I couldn't see any challenging slopes. I did not get very much time to think of that however. Right after we arrived we had to get to our rooms, unpack and then go and rent our ski gear. I decided to rent normal skies and the day after we were all in the slopes. We had fantastic weather and a great time. Since I was a bit more advanced than many of the others, I skied a bit by myself and met up with the others from time to time. I realized that I would probably have more fun if I was on the other students’ level. So I decided to switch to snowboarding the day after.

    I had a great time with the other snowboarders in the slopes, we all got quite good very fast. We all had a great time in the hotel as well. We did all kind of things. I was mostly playing table tennis and eight ball but I also spent a lot of time in the lobby.

    It was a great week and I do not regret that I did it at all. I met many new people and most of the people I'm with at the school are people I met on the snow trip. I strongly recommend exchange students to do something like this since it great fun and you get to meet a lot of new people.


    När jag hade varit på Henley high school I några månader fick jag reda på att skolan arrangerade en skidresa. Jag hade ingen anning om att man ens kunde åka skidor i Australien. Och eftersom jag är en född skidåkare kunde jag bara inte låta bli att åka. Så jag kontaktade min föräldrar i Sverige och de lät mig åka. En dryg månad senare satt jag på en buss med 25 andra henley high studenter på väg mot mt buller i Victoria.

    Vi hade en bra buss resa och jag fick se det vackra sydaustraliensiska och Victorianska landskapet. Efter en tolv timmar lång resa var vi framme i mount Buller. Till en början var jag inte speciellt imponerad av skidorten. Jag kunde inte se några utmanande pister. Jag fick hursomhelst inte så mycket tid att tänka på det. Direkt efter att vi anlände fick vi gå till våra rum och packa upp för att sedan gå och hyra vår skidutröstning.  Jag bestämde mig för att hyra vanliga slalom skidor och dagen där efter stod vi alla i backen. Vi hade fantastiskt väder och mycket roligt. Eftersom jag var lite mer avancerad än de andra så fick jag åka lite för mig själv men jag stötte ihop med de andra av och till. Jag insåg dock att bjag nog skulle ha roligare om jag var på samma nivå som de andra. Så dagen efter bestämde jag mig för att byta till snowboard.

    Jag hade jätte roligt med de andra snowboardåkarna i pisterna och vi blev rätt så duktiga ganska snabbt. Vi alla hade roligt  i hotellet också. Vi gjorde lite allt möjligt. Jag själv spelade väldigt mycket pingis och biljard men jag s var även en del i lobbyn.

    Det var en jätte rolig vecka och jag ångrar inte att jag åkte det minsta. Jag träffade nya människor och de flesta av de jag är med på skolan träffade jag under skidresan. Jag rekommenderar verkligen utbyttes studenter att göra nått liknande eftersom det var mycket roligt och man träffar många nya människor.

    Amy, Korea: My experience!

    Testimonial from Amy, Korea: My experience!, student at South Australian Government Schools

    The best thing about Brighton Secondary School (BSS)  is that we use laptops for every lesson. It makes students work much more efficiently using many different resources from the internet. Also, I no longer have to worry about losing my USB and not being able to hand my assignments up since laptops are used.

    My favourite subject is ESL (English as a Second Language). I guess there is nothing better than working hard in ESL class to achieve better English writing skills. Also all of the ESL teachers are really nice and eager to help the students.

    If you are from the countries in Asia like I am, I would definitely say that BSS is a good place to experience a different school system and cultures with many nice people. Also, you will get more freedom here.

    As there are many teachers supporting international students, there are no difficulties to find teachers or support staff whenever I need some help. I simply just need to go to their office and find them. All the teachers help me and explain if I have any language problems or don’t get what to do with assignments.

    Almost everything in this school is very different with the school that I used to attend in Korea. Year 12 jumpers are really impressive and the school kind of encourages students to get a part time job. These are not the things that would happen in the school in my country.

    The two best things that I did while living and studying in Adelaide were:

    1. Nice people and beautiful environment
    2. Being able to get a part time job with a student visa

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