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EUR 9750 per year

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About Medical studies in English Division at Medical University of Bialystok

In the academic year 2004-2005, the Faculty admitted the first group of 24 students to the 6-Year English Language MD Program. Currently, there are 379 students, mainly from Scandinavia, but also from Canada and the U.S., Irealand, Finland, Denmark and Germany. The English Division students benefit, both, from theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience of the academic staff. The teachers strive to provide the students with optimal conditions for studying and working, all in friendly atmosphere and with the emphasis on the ethical principles. During its 10-year history, the English Division has granted medical doctor diplomas to four classes of graduates.

English-speaking students participate in the annual all-Poland Anatomical Konwledge Competition called Golden Scapula and they achieve very good results (multiple individual and team winners, many second and third places and other awards).

Additionally, many English Division students represent the University in various disciplines in sport contests. The international community of English-speaking students is very active. They organize football tournaments, celebrate their national holidays and integrate very well into the local community.

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  • The awardMDHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study12 semester
    Course startsOctoberDomestic course feesEUR 9750 per yearInternational course feesEUR 9750 per year

Entry requirements

6-year MD program is offered for High School graduates who:

  • are the holders of School Leaving Certificate; the certificate must contain a statement that its holder  has right to apply for a position in a Higher Education University. Positive grades on two out of four subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics must be shown on the certificate.
  • or who passed Mature Exam (High School Final Exam) on two out of four subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

In order to qualify to attend the Medical University of Bialystok each candidate must complete the official admission process via an online registration system. 

Part I:

The number of points calculated from their grades recorded in the official high school transcript/maturity certificate/ and on the candidate request, grades recorded in the other certificates (SAT II subject test  exam or other post-graduate university courses)  The basis for the conversion will be an internal evaluation system based on public information made avalible by High School or Ministry of Education from candidate country. The minimum number of required points recalculated from the grades must be at least 100*  Two grades out of the following four subjects are required and taken for evaluation: Chemistry, Biology, Physics or  Mathematics.

In the event the applicant is in the final year of studies in high school, he or she should provide an official high school transcript showing the grades achieved in the winter semester or  the expected final grades. Upon receipt of the high school diploma, the candidate is obligated to provide this to the University as well.

in the case if a maximum number of seats has not been reached, extended recruitment with lower points limit may be established.

 Part II:

The number of points achieved during an interview based on candidate's motivation, predisposition and the English language knowledge for medical studies and the medical profession - a maximum of 100 points.

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