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About IUBH University of Applied Sciences

Start your global career with your International Master degree in Germany!

The IUBH University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-recognized university. The university offers over 80 Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA programmes within 5 different study models that range from on-campus to online methods of instruction.

All the full-time programmes on campus are taught in English and the campus consists of students from over 110 nationalities. Other than the multicultural environment of our campuses, IUBH is known for the high succession rate of its graduates. 94% of IUBH graduates start their careers within 6 months after graduation and 73% of our students start their jobs in Germany.

IUBH has 21 Campus locations and more than 40 examination centres in Europe. Our two main campuses are situated in Bad Honnef and Berlin.

Our mission statement consists of the following four key success factors:

1. Internationality

The IUBH is geared to the demands of the global market. Studying at the IUBH makes careers in a global environment possible. We live out this credo in that English is the teaching language and the language used on our campus. We also impart internationality with many other distinguishing features.

2. Practical Relevance

The close integration of theory and practice ensures excellent career prospects. At the IUBH, practical orientation is experienced first-hand. The curriculum has multiple facets that reflect this, for example, the inclusion of internship semesters, discussions and lectures with experts from industry and excursions to companies.

Many of the benefits of studying at the IUBH are possible due to the close cooperation that the IUBH and its faculty maintain with industry. Our faculty has contact to all DAX 30 companies, is recognised on the international market and well connected in a network of over 3.000 business partners.

3. Reputation & Quality

Numerous certificates and awards confirm the excellent IUBH reputation. On a regular basis the IUBH achieves top scores in evaluations. Reputable accreditations, partnerships and memberships indicate the high quality of the university and its programmes.

4. Employability

IUBH Graduates are in high demand on the job market. The results of our survey of graduates speak for themselves: 94 percent of our graduates find a job within the first three months and after two years 80 percent already have management responsibilities.

These excellent results are basing on the fact that, in addition to teaching professional expertise, we focus on training social and intercultural competence. When students go abroad with this knowledge they can then deal with intercultural challenges with much more ease.

IUBH is proud of its graduates who can now look back on impressive careers. Their career paths are as varied as the job profiles of our degree programmes.

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