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About Open Design at Humboldt University of Berlin

The international interdisciplinary Master’s degree program Open Design/Diseño Abierto para la Innovación, is jointly organized by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

The program is organized in four semesters, the first two semesters taking place in Buenos Aires at the UBA and the third semester in Berlin at the HU. For the fourth semester, students may choose to work on their master’s thesis in either Buenos Aires or Berlin.

Successful graduates will be awarded a Double Degree by the two partner universities.

What career perspectives do I have?

With the program’s main focus being the interdisciplinary »design turn« in research, students acquire interdisciplinary skills relating to a broad spectrum of empirical methodologies that encompass cultural studies and humanities through analysis and historicizing, scientific experimentalisation from the natural sciences, and creative synthesis from the design disciplines.

The program prepares students in specific social and intercultural competencies, including critical reflection in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team; linguistic skills (English, German, Spanish); and experience in communication between internationally differentiated cultures of knowledge.

  • Intercultural and interdisciplinary communication and mediation
  • Interdisciplinary problem-solving, development and innovative research
  • Conceptual work and project development for the industrial, scientific and social sectors
  • Research and research facilitation


The program is organized into four semesters. The first three semesters of the Master’s degree program each focus on a semester theme addressing current social, economic and scientific processes. This semester theme is approached through three key theme seminars taking place over the first three semesters. During the fourth semester, students develop and realize their master’s thesis, applying the acquired interdisciplinary skills to develop and solve, theoretically and methodically, a chosen thesis reflecting current scientific research.

Semester 1 - Elements (Buenos Aires)

The first semester explores different aspects of the concept of the threshold, with seminars covering Spatial Structures, Media Technologies and Design Strategies. Exercise and Laboratory modules further explore thresholds in design, whilst an elective module allows you to gain insights into the perspectives and research methods of other disciplines. A language module gives you opportunities to acquire language skills in Spanish and/or German.

Semester 2 - Experiments (Buenos Aires)

The second semester examines different aspects of designing openness: barriers & interfaces. Seminars cover topics including Designing Openness (Sequences - folding - objects, Barriers and Connecting). Exercises and Laboratory modules explore types of barriers in design. Whilst a further lanuguage module gives you opportunities to acquire language skills in Spanish and/or German.

Semester 3 - Experiments (Berlin)

The third semester addresses the notion of growth. Semiars include: Growth - Structures in becoming, Growth: Time of technology - Technology of time and Growth: Time of technology - Technology of time. Exercise projects and laboratory work further cover the topics involved in growth.

Semester 4 - Master Thesis

During the final semester students develop and complete their master's thesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Bachelor’s degree in a specific discipline to apply?
No, this is an interdisciplinary program. Students from all areas of the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, architecture and design disciplines are welcome.

Do I need to be fluent in a specific language?
Yes, the main language of the Master’s degree program is English. Knowledge of Spanish is also required. You will have the opportunity to acquire or improve your knowledge of Spanish or German during the Master’s degree program through language courses. Have in mind that you need to acquire basic knowledge of German so that you are prepared for the third semester taking place in Berlin.

Are there scholarships?
There will be opportunities for scholarships, we will inform you in due time. For further details you may contact the coordinators.

Where do I pay the fees?
If your country of residence is Argentina at the time of application, then please pay the tuition directly to the Universidad de Buenos Aires. If your country of residence is elsewhere at the time of application, then please pay the tuition directly to the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Beside the tuition costs, will I have other expenses?
Remember you will be living the first two semesters in Buenos Aires. During the third semester, you will move to Berlin. There are many sites on the web offering information.
Here two suggested links: Living costs in Buenos Aires Living costs in Germany

Where does the Master’s degree program take place?
The first two semesters of the program take place in Buenos Aires, at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. The third semester takes place in Berlin at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. You may decide to spend the fourth semester either in Buenos Aires or Berlin.

From which university will I receive my diploma?
You will receive a double degree with two certificates, one from each university.

Do you provide/organize accommodation?
No, each student must make his/her own arrangements. The coordinators will provide support by referring you to local house search websites, and/or give you some helpful tips.

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Notes about fees for this course

Students whose country of residence is Argentina pay their tuition fees directly to the Universidad de Buenos Aires in the local currency.

Students whose country of residence is other than Argentina at the time of application pay their tuition fees directly to the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in euro.

Entry requirements

In order to apply, you must have completed a university degree. This normally means a degree earned over no less than four years of study, with an attendance of no less than 2,600 sixty-minute attendance hours. If your Bachelor’s Degree was less than four years in duration, you must submit proof of at least one year´s’ work and/or research experience in your field of study.

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