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Economics and Business, BSc

Erasmus University College, the Netherlands

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About Economics and Business, BSc - at Erasmus University College

At the end of their first year at EUC, students declare their Major, which is a central component of the curriculum. It consist of a comprehensive set of courses (75 EC) that builds a solid foundation in a particular discipline. Each Major will be concluded with a capstone project, in which a Major-related topic of the student's choice will be explored under the guidance of a supervisor. In addition to the Major, students have the option to choose an EUC Minor (30 EC). At EUC, you can choose from the following Majors:


The major in Business provides students with a solid base of business and economics theories and their applications. Besides gaining insights into the core business disciplines, such as management and marketing, you also learn about the fascinating scientific fields of business strategy, organisational theory and entrepreneurship. In addition, the Business major introduces you to the logic of economic thinking and data analysis, and therefore prepares you well for a future career in business, or a Master’s degree in business. Students that follow this major are in principle eligible for master programmes offered by RSM, except for the master programmes in Accounting & Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Business Information Management which require additional courses.


Are you interested in the working of markets or the mechanisms behind economic growth? Or would you like to know more on how consumers and firms make decisions and how these choices affect the economy? And do you have an affinity with mathematics? Then a major or minor in Economics could be the right choice for you.

The major in Economics will give you a thorough understanding of economic theories. In our courses, which were developed in close collaboration with the Erasmus School of Economics, we enable you to further develop your analytical and problem-solving skills. In addition, we provide you with a strong set of tools to identify and analyse problems in and outside the world of economics. This makes students majoring in Economics all-round players: wherever they are, they should feel at home and be ready to think, act and take responsibility based on their economic knowledge and acquired skills. After successfully completing the major, you are in principle eligible for the Master programmes in Economics & Business offered by the Erasmus School of Economics.

Economics, Business and Society

The major in Economics, Business & Society is designed to provide students with a broad background in the field of economics and business administration and its impact upon and interaction with society. The combination of courses encourages students to take an active interest in exploring the broader world and teaches them the tools to explore relevant events empirically. Students graduating with a major in Economics, Business & Society should be attractive candidates for general master programmes in governance, public management and policy-making, business and society, or political economy. Given the broad set-up of the major Economics, Business & Society we currently do not propose a predefined minor. However, we expect in future to include courses from the EBS major in an interdisciplinary minor with courses offered by Social & Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, and/or Life Sciences.

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Entry requirements

In order to succeed in many courses in the various majors offered by the Economics and Business department, you will need sufficient skill and knowledge in mathematics. Therefore, successful completion of the course EUC NT200 Mathematics is required for all majors offered by the Economics and Business department.

Fees, Funding and Scholarships at Erasmus University College

Erasmus University College (EUC) offers several scholarships and grants:

  • Rotterdam Talent Scholarship - For students who live and/or go to school within the municipality of Rotterdam who can prove a need for substantial financial assistance.
  • EUC Scholarship -The EUC Scholarship is meant for highly qualified students from any country who can prove that they require financial aid to be able to study at EUC.
  • NL Scholarship - The Holland Scholarship is meant for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Dutch government student finance - Most Dutch students are eligible for student finance from the Dutch government. Under certain conditions, non-Dutch, EEA students may also qualify for such student finance.
  • Third party grant - Depending on your nationality and your financial status, different types of financial aid are available.

If you are not eligible for any of the above-mentioned scholarships, you can have a look at the financial aid options of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Student reviews of Erasmus University College

Find out what students say about Erasmus University College

Tom Pais - Alumnus Testimonial

"At EUC I discovered an academic playground for curious minds. From neuroscience and programming to economics and philosophy, the range of subjects to study here knows few bounds. This taught me how to rapidly expand my comfort zone and delve into the unknown – an ability I have come to rely on ever since. Whilst this may initially seem daunting, the small-scale teaching approach and fun-filled community always managed to make me feel at ease."

- Tom Pais, Consultant at McKinsey & Company

Saira Sakalas - Alumna Testimonial

"If you are someone who wants to learn by doing, have the freedom of shaping your study choices throughout the degree, develop transferable skills that you can apply outside the university, and be part of the international community in the heart of Rotterdam- EUC is the right place for you!"

- Saira Sakalas, PhD Student at The Institute of Cancer Research

Gemma Weijsters - Alumna Testimonial

“EUC shaped me into the doctor I am today. Its international, small-scaled programme allowed me to develop myself beyond traditional boundaries of a pre-med programme. Students at EUC are very open-minded and after three years you’ll have the world at your feet. My three years at EUC were an amazing journey and its tight-knit community left me with a close group of friends all around the world”

Gemma Weijsters, Medical Doctor

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