Diploma of Music (UG:Diploma)

Alphacrucis College Australia

Cricos: 00958A

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About Diploma of Music at Alphacrucis College

16 Units are required to complete this award

  • 3 core units
  • 7 group A units
  • 6 elective units (choose from 9 available electives)

Core Units

CUSOHS301A Follow occupational health and safety procedures

CUFCMP501A Manage and exploit copyright arrangements

CUSIND501A Apply music knowledge and articstic judgement

Group A Units

CUSIND401A Develop specialist expertise in the music industry

CUSMCP401A Develop techniques for arranging music

CUSMCP402A Develop techniques for composing music

CUSMLT501A Refine aural-perception skills

CUSMPF505A Perform improvisation for audiences

CUSMPF508A Provide musical leadership in performance

CUSMPF506A Develop technical skills and expand repertoire

Elective Units (6 of the following)

CUSMPF401A Rehearse music for group performances (linked to unit CUSMPF404A - below)

CUSMPF404A Perform music as part of a group (linked to unit CUSMPF401A - above)

CUSMLT401A Notate music for performance

CUSLED501A Provide instrumental or vocal tuition

CUSLED502A Provide tuition for composition

CUSMCP502A Compose music for screen

CUSWRT501A Write about music

CUSSOU401A Record sound

CUSSOU405A Mix recorded music

Useful Links:

  • For enquiries - fill in an online enquiry form

  • Tuition fees - 2015 Indicative Fee Schedule

  • To apply for the Diploma of Music - fill in a VET Application for Admission

This is not just any music training course.

From worship directors and pastors, to instrumentalists and vocalists, this innovative program is designed to equip those involved in worship music for their unique ministry.

Delivered on campus at AC Central Parramatta Campus and flexible online, this nationally recognised qualification is suitable for those who have had some previous formal vocal or instrumental training and/or experience. The Diploma of Music extends existing skills and has a greater emphasis on providing leadership to the student's chosen field of musical expression.

Participants of CUS50109 Diploma of Music will further build upon invaluable theory and skills in;

  • performance
  • improvisation
  • song writing
  • chart reading
  • arranging
  • recording
  • music directing

With 6 electives to choose, students can also hone in on their passion, whether it be writing music for film or teaching music or advanced audio engineering.

The flexible online delivery means you can start ANY unit of the Dip Music at the start of ANY month of the year. No more waiting for the new semester to start your next unit.

Completion of the Diploma of Music also gives you 1yrs cross-credit into the Bachelor of Ministry (Worship Studies Major).

Useful Links:

  • For enquiries - fill in an online enquiry form

  • Tuition fees - 2015 Indicative Fee Schedule

  • To apply for the Diploma of Music - fill in a VET Application for Admission

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Entry requirements for this course

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