Diploma of Ministry (Creative) - Parramatta (UG:Diploma)

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Cricos: 00958A

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About Diploma of Ministry (Creative) - Parramatta at Alphacrucis College

The purpose of this course is to develop competant, passionate and anointed ministers. General and specialised essential skills are set out in this course, including:

  • Ethical decisions
  • Biblical knowledge and interpretation
  • Theological knowledge and interpretation
  • Worship ministry skills

Musical worship plays such a significant role in the contemporary church. It's no longer enough for someone to have some basic talent and a bit of skill. From leading to writing songs, recording to copyright and administration, this course will help you gain the skill, knowledge and heart behind successful worship ministry.

This course is intended to provide participants with the following general education outcomes:

  • Ability to apply ethical decision making principles
  • Ability to communicate a broad knowledge of an Old Testament book and New Testament book
  • Ability to identify and apply a Christian worldview and values
  • Demonstration of general leadership skills in a ministry context
  • Ability to apply knowledge of creative arts ministry to a broad range of contexts, and depth in the area of specialisation
  • Demonstration of general research skills, particularly the ability to gather, understand, evaluate and analyse information

Completion of this course may enable the graduate to apply for ordination in the Australian Christian Church.

CORE UNITS (5 Ministry units)

MINBIB502A Effectively communicate the message of an Old Testament Book

MINBIB503A Effectively communicate the message of a New Testament Book

MINTHE506A Apply ethical principles in ministry

MINTHE504A Promote a Pentecostal worldview

and a choice between:

MINPAS507A Implement and evaluate a ministry function or

CHCORG525D Recruit and coordinate volunteers

ELECTIVE UNITS (5 of any of the following Creative Ministry units)

CUFCMP501A Manage and exploit copyright arrangements

CUSIND501A Apply music knowledge and artistic judgement

CUSIND401A Develop specialist expertise in the music industry

CUSMCP401A Develop techniques for arranging music

CUSMCP402A Develop techniques for composing music

CUSMPF508A Provide musical leadership in performance

CUSMPF506A Develop technical skills and expand repertoire

CUSMPF401A Rehearse music for group performances

CUSMPF404A Perform music as part of a group

CUSMLT401A Notate music for performance

CUSMCP302A Write song lyrics

Welcome to this exciting new stream of the Diploma of Ministry for those who want the perfect balance between Biblical/Ministry studies and Music/Worship studies!

Apart from Diploma of Ministry (Creative Ministry) qualification, we also offer a stand-alone Creative Ministry Skillset - an ideal short training program for those who are just wanting to develop their creative ministry skills.

Students of either Diploma of Ministry (Creative Ministry) and the Creative Ministry Skillset, who are eligible Australian citizens, can opt to study now and pay later through VET FEE-HELP.

For more information please contact AC Office of Student Success on 02 8893 9000 or email futurestudents@ac.edu.au

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