How to Study in Italy? This is What You Need to Know

By Milano Fashion Institute

Milano Fashion Institute

International students ask a lot of questions regarding Italy and what they may need to have and to do, from an administrative and legal point of view, furthermore how to approach the “Italian Lifestyle”. Here there are some tips that you may need to consider to study in Italy and to be prepared for you future.

  • Be Italian: it is not necessary to know Italian but is very recommended to be keen to learn a new language, especially because Italian companies need to be understood and support (even in the original market) by people with Italian mind oriented, where is appreciable to come from other realities and also other countries. To be dynamic, willing to learn and always as you know, to be on the ball are part of this Italian culture.Milan is the most dynamic and cross cultural city in the Italian landscape, as we know, is the iconic city of fashion, where is very important in this environment to be prepared and to have specific competencies in this sector. Some schools in this country provide a specialized Master to help Students to achieve their objectives. Milano Fashion Institute, is facing this need and provides fashion masters that are fully recognized by MIUR (Italian Ministry of instruction, University and Research) as vocational master, with an international parterre of students, where this cross cultural combination allow students to know and learn from other cultures, to be prepared to face an international work environment as the fashion market is. Where the goal of training is to enhance relations with the professional and entrepreneurial systems, from business to lifestyle combining personalities and work requests to fill the job demand, according to professional skills and soft skills.

Milano Fashion Institute

  • Italian Language: is a fundamental part to start to work in the Italy, where the request is very demanding. The industry needs to have people with specific background and knowledge of the language spoken. Milano Fashion Institute offer an Italian Language course for all the students that need the Italian certificate B1 level Plida, considered a key requirement.
  • The Italian Law On Immigration: Provides that extra-EU citizens, planning to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, have to apply for the residence permit within 8 days from their arrival in Italy. Milano Fashion Institute is committed to mentor international students, in order to fully understand which is the procedure to follow, to remain in Italy and attending MFI Masters, following, providing all the information and assistance from the full fill of the fiscal code to the final release of the residence permit. MFI Masters as we said before, are fully recognized by MIUR, so it’s important to provide the CIMEA or the declaration of value, for this reason the staff of Milano Fashion Institute support the students and is fully available to help about any concern.This is a key activity to work and study in Italy especially for international students, where from a legislative point of view need to be allow by government to stay in Italy.
  • Socialize: networking is a key activity nowadays, especially where everywhere is the right place to share knowledge and know new people, for this reason you have two big things going for you if you’re hoping to socialize with Italians. One, Italians are very chatty and social, as well known and the second is that in Italy there are a lot of cities to visit, and monuments to discover, to be in the right place on the right time, especially in Milan, is a key requirement. This means that merge in an all-Italian life during your study is your fist objective.

Write a little strategic planning, from your study to your visit, to feel the Italian Lifestyle and to ensure, not to miss anything.

Don’t miss the incredible opportunity, to study in a country where culture, art and innovation merge in a unique stimulated environment!

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