Study Culinary Arts / Gastronomy in Spain

By Gasma, Gatronomy & Culinary Management Campus

The career of a chef sits among the top most aspirational and most likely to have a successful professional future since the demand for gastronomy and hospitality sector studies grows every year.

Gasma, the Gastronomic Campus of UCH-CEU University in Spain aims to meet this demand with the Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts/Gastronomy. This Degree combines the aspirational component and the possibilities of building a future with guarantees of success. That is why Gasma introduces culinary management in all its educational offer.

In a world in which labor mobility is crucial to meet the global demand, the Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy aims to train professionals to work all over the world. English and Spanish coexist daily in Gasma, a university campus that experiences the international atmosphere, with students from different countries. Encouraging international internships among our students is a priority at Gasma.

Enrolment is currently open for the academic course beginning in February 2022 and you can now register online.

Academic Programme

Our Bachelor’s Degree is an official 4 year training programme that is structured around the following basic pillars:


Learn raw materials in detail; their properties and the most appropriate processes to prepare them. Master all culinary techniques, from basic to the most innovative. The program does not overlook pastry and sweet cuisine. Students will be able to perform any activity in a professional kitchen and design an avant-garde and original culinary offer. 

Dining room service

We train our students in the latest trends and best practices to provide added value in the dining room. Understanding the importance of customer service and designing experiences that win the customer over. Because a service based on excellence is what distinguishes a good gastronomic business from the rest.

Culinary Management

Learn to develop and manage solid and profitable business models in a competitive environment. Study the most innovative management tools and acquire knowledge about marketing and communication to attract and build customer loyalty. You will foster your entrepreneurial spirit and work alongside large companies in the gastronomic field.


English will be a common language during the four years of the Bachelor’s Degree. In fact, international students can take their classes in English for the first whole year of the degree, easing them into a new country and new culture. There are specific subjects and other activities and lessons in this language. You will share your experiences with students from more than 70 countries. Welcome to an international campus that prepares you to work anywhere in the world.


Discover that cooking and science always go together. By understanding raw materials processes at a physical and chemical level students will learn how to optimize their elaborations with the use of scientific tools. The academic programme also introduces food technology and nutrition, as well as R&D applied to the food industry. 

Wine studies

Gastronomy has a natural relationship with the world of wine. Students will study the product and develop their sensory tasting skills to discover the best pairings and learn about the winemaking processes and the correct management of a cellar.

How will you learn?

At Gasma your will discover that the only way to learn gastronomy is practicing it. You will work as a team and stage in restaurants of high gastronomic value. In management subjects, you will learn about designing and directing real projects.

You will attend an international university campus in Castellon, Spain, dedicated exclusively to gastronomy and equipped with the latest technology.

You will be trained by the best professionals in the gastronomic sector: Michelin-star chefs, pastry chefs with high national and international recognition, successful managers and entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers. All of them participate daily in your training and have been involved, from the beginning, in the development of content and design of each subject.

To enrol you only need to have finished the university access studies, according to the regulations of each country. For more information about the campus and the Bachelor’s Degree, contact Gasma Admissions Department through this form.

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