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Great Ocean Road

Today’s students want skills that can help them strive and flourish in the global environment. To help achieve this competitive edge, studying on foreign shores where benefitting from a rich educative experience and cultural exposure is guaranteed to impress. And that is why more and more students are choosing Australia.

Just like other countries which are part of the club of elite destinations for international studies, Australia’s education system is of internationally-renowned quality. But what puts Australia right at the top of this list is its top-tier student support system and living environment. As a student, the idea of moving to Australia may sound daunting. You might feel nervous of the prospect of staying in a new country, adjusting in a new culture or learning a new language. However, have no doubts in your mind – Australia affords flexibility for you lifestyle and you will smoothly progress into the Australian way of life in no time.

Here’s a guide to make ‘living in Australia’ even simpler for you.

Getting Around – Transport

Public transportation in Australia is safe and affordable. There are options for all your needs – trains, buses, trams and ferries. It is safe to say that as a student, you can make do without a car in most cases.

For transport information of the following cities visit:


One challenge faced by international students in Australia is finding the right accommodation. Most campuses provide assistance in this regard by either providing accommodation such as halls of residence or with a student housing service to help you find private accommodation nearby.

The situation might be that accommodation on campus isn’t available to you. If you are coming here only for short term, then options like homestays and hostels run by YMCA or Youth Hostels Australia may be your best option.

Shopping For Supplies and Food

Whichever location you choose in Australia, you will need to go shopping for your day-to-day needs. All the big cities have shopping centres with big chain stores like Kmart and Target and department stores like Myers and David Jones. Even in suburbs, you will be able to easily find shopping malls or strip malls with specialised stores and grocery stores such as Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Aldi.

You can easily find a variety of international food at most grocery stores. Specialised food shops can also be found, as can restaurants and takeaway services offering most world cuisines.

Travelling Through Australia

Tourism is huge in Australia; people from around the world come here to witness the assorted and unique beauty that nature has blessed Australia with. You are already here and so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime – to explore the adventure that Australia offers.

Some of the awe-inspiring attractions in Australia include:

  • The sacred site of Uluru
  • Driving on the Great Ocean Road
  • Diving the Great Barrier Reef
  • The Great Dividing Range of Mountains
  • Ayers Rock
  • The Outback
  • Wine tasting in Yarra and Hunting Valleys


Australia is synonymous with outdoor activities, whether it is a barbecue in the sun or surfing and tanning at the beach, playing cricket or rugby or indulging in adventure sports like skydiving or jet skiing. Out of all these, the beach is often the most preferred destination for students.

Australia boasts more than 700 beaches. Most universities are located within major cities and are close to the coast. That means that in most cases, wherever you are studying, the beach will be only around an hour’s drive away.

Australia is a city-centric nation, with more than 75% of the population living in cities. There’s plenty of activities and sightseeing opportunities that one can take advantage of in the city itself, like the hustle and bustle of Sydney or the cosmopolitan touch of Melbourne.

Australian Cuisine

Australia is right next to an ocean and needless to say, fish and seafood are an important part of its cuisine. Barbeque is another essential part of Australia’s culinary experience. When people think about Australia, they picture barbeques under the sunny skies. Though traditional barbeque choices are chops or sausages, fresh seafood and marinated steaks are more often used in contemporary cooking.

Most iconic of all Australian food is Vegemite. Other famous food include Dim Sim, the Tim Tam and Damper bread.

The country’s cuisine also has plenty to offer for those with a sweet tooth. Pavlova, Violet Crumble and Lamingtons are just a few of the sweet delicacies that Australia offers.


Your happiness and comfort staying here depends a lot on the friends that you will make. Your university’s campus is the best place to find people with similar interests. Campuses buzz with dozens of clubs and societies and joining them will help you find like-minded people.

Some universities already have student societies to cater for international students, like Indian students’ group or Chinese students’ group. These societies are great if you would like support from your home community or the chance to speak to people in your native language.

Community involvement in campus and volunteering with social organizations can also help you get in touch with great people.

Australia is one of the most expensive countries for international students. Combined costs of university fees and living costs averages more than US$38,000.

Despite this, international students continue to choose Australia to build their future. Why? Because Australia is not just an educational destination, it is a cultural destination as well. Australia is a country that students love to live and study in.

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