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By Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences

When thinking about studies and living abroad, you have probably never considered Poland. But just give it a thought!

Poland is an interesting country offering a wide range of possibilities and opportunities! Imagine a country of traditions and modern culture, great mountains, lakes and sea, beautiful countryside landscapes and vibrant city life, not to mention low cost of studying and living. Doesn’t it already sound like a perfect destination for students?

And there, in the south-west Poland lies Wrocław, a dynamically developing city of rich history, pervasive greenery, interesting architecture, modern businesses and… students! Wrocław is a city of over 100k students, including over 8k international students from 73 countries. In Wrocław students may choose out of over 20 higher education institutions, including 10 public universities. And if you’re searching for a university specialising in health and sport sciences, where you can combine learning from scholars and professionals with your passion for sports, healthy lifestyle and broadly define physical culture, take a closer look at Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences (AWF Wrocław).


Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences is a place where research and practice within the field of health and sport sciences meet. Years of professional experience and expertise in training sport champions, athletes as well as cooperation with amateurs and sports enthusiasts allowed to establish and develop strong bonds between science and practice. Within over 75 years of development the University not only focused on sports results and physical education, but also focused on providing professional and active support for health and broadly defined well-being, becoming a higher education institution specialising in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and related fields. At Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences you may choose out of five study programmes on bachelor and master levels such as Sport, Physical Education, Occupational Therapy, Cosmetology and Tourism and Recreation, as well as long-cycle master programme in Physiotherapy and bachelor programme in Kinesiology. Students participate in classes, lectures and workshops held by researchers and scientists, trainers and instructors as well as champions and coaches of numerous sports disciplines. Theirs skills and development is supported by professional knowledge, expertise and experience. 


Sport is a strong foundation for culture and tradition of our univocity life. Students may practice numerous sport disciplines, both those very popular such as team sports, athletics, water sports, racket sports games or winter sports as well as niche disciplines like fencing, frisbee, synchronised swimming, skim boarding to mention a few. Specialisation in the field of sports is also achieved through a strong and active cooperation between the Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences and the AWF AZS Academic Sport Club. The AWF Campuses, located in the greenest and most beautiful parts of the city of Wroclaw, provide a varied and comfortable infrastructure for practicing the sport of your choice. Sport classes are organised in the numerous professional and varied sports facilities. The Campuses offer: fields and pitches at the historic Olympic Stadium, volleyball and football courts, including beach volleyball and football, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnastics and acrobatics hall, gyms, team sports hall, fencing halls, boxing and Martial Arts hall and many more. The rich didactic and sport infrastructure and supervision of our staff allow our students to be skilled, innovative and successful. 


Combining the two – knowledge and sport, there is nothing else to achieve but success! Our students, teachers and staff are successful in numerous spheres of their activity, both locally and worldwide. The successes of our students make the whole academic community of the AWF Wrocław proud and motivated. The University community gathers successful sport medallists and Olympics both with the students, instructors and coaches as well as staff. Just to mention recent successes of our students and coaches during Olympics in Tokyo. Students also successfully engage in numerous initiatives and competitions as well as research projects. They take part in international exchange programmes and win renown scholarships. Yet, each and every success of students, teachers and staff make the whole university grow!

Be a part of a the AWF community

With less than 4000 students, Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences cherishes a unique, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, full of joy, sport events and student initiatives. Students engage in charity events, volunteering, social and cultural initiatives, sport games and competitions, and thematic and interest groups, just to mention a few – AWF donates blood, student festival AWFalia, Folk Song and Dance Group Kalina or Olimp Mountain Club. 

Within the Welcome to AWF project financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange we have not only created a Welcome Centre offering services and support for international students, but also prepared guides, how-to-videos and promo movies which make it easier for international candidates to get to know us!

Doesn’t it all sound like an interesting opportunity for you?

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