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Gibraltar is often described as a slice of Britain in the Mediterranean sun. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, you can say goodbye to cold weather when studying in Gibraltar. The University of Gibraltar reflects the weather and the culture of this small territory – warm, welcoming and multicultural.

The University of Gibraltar itself is a dynamic institution that combines the highest British academic standards with all the benefits that come with a warm, Mediterranean location. It attracts students from across the world who seek a more personal learning experience and quality, on-campus learning. The University of Gibraltar adheres to the highest UK academic standards and its qualifications are recognised across the world.

Where and what is Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a small British Overseas Territory, located on the south of the Iberian Peninsula. A border with Spain makes it easy to explore the Costa del Sol or other areas of Spain when you’re not studying!

Gibraltar has a long and rich history, and the most iconic sight is the Rock of Gibraltar (colloquially just referred to as ‘the Rock’), a 426m tall limestone monolith that is home to an expansive nature reserve and the best-known residents, around 300 Barbary macaques.

Gibraltar is a beautifully multicultural community, and you can find a cathedral, mosque, synagogue and a Hindu temple all within a stone’s throw of each other. The official language of Gibraltar is English, and you will hear Spanish spoken widely as well, since the majority of residents on the Rock are bilingual.

This overseas territory is a melting pot of cultures, with many Gibraltarians having heritage from countries like Malta, Morocco and the UK, as well as regions like the Sindh province of Pakistan and Genoa in Italy. Gibraltar will offer a warm welcome to all new students!

Why Choose the University of Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a relatively small community, with around 32,000 residents, on a peninsula only 6.8 km2 in size. The University of Gibraltar reflects this small community, with smaller class sizes that can offer an unrivalled personal learning experience.

Academic programmes at the University of Gibraltar are UK-aligned and industry led, meaning that you are achieving the skills that employers are looking for while truly getting the personal learning approach that may be missed at a larger institution. Gibraltar’s vibrant location, self-sufficient economy and historical and geographical importance make it a truly unique place to study and gain valuable work experience.

All undergraduate degrees at the University of Gibraltar are not only dedicated to bringing you the best learning and study experience, but also to making industry experience and professional development available and achievable for all students. All undergraduate programmes offer industry experience and work placements to increase your employability and to really allow you to experience your chosen industry and career path. The majority of the tutors and lecturers at the University are practicing industry professionals, meaning they can provide real-world examples and valuable information about their work and career. University is more than just studying, and UniGib wants to bring this to you!

Gibraltar as an alternative to UK

It has been widely reported that pandemic has had a negative impact on the student experience at many universities across the world. Students across the UK have experienced various levels of lockdown from their student accommodation and many of their lectures were delivered online. Whilst the University of Gibraltar shifted to online delivery for a brief period this year, they have welcomed students back on campus and have started in-person teaching. This makes the University of Gibraltar a good alternative to the UK for international students. In a global IDP Connect survey dated October 2020, more than half (56%) of international students said they were likely to choose study destinations on the basis of which institution offered in-person learning.

What Can I Study at the University of Gibraltar?

Whether you want to study for a career in nursing, maritime science or business, the University of Gibraltar has a course for you. Courses and programmes are also offered in areas such as education, finance, and languages and include undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as professional, research and short courses.

Whether you are looking to start your university career or improve your professional prospects with a postgraduate degree or professional course, the University of Gibraltar can offer you small class sizes and a valuable personal learning approach. Placement opportunities are also offered during each year of study, so theory learnt in class can be put into practice in a professional environment.

The University of Gibraltar offers a range of programmes at a number of different academic levels: Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate degrees, Research PhDs, Professional Courses and Short Courses.



Student Life in Gibraltar

Studying abroad can often seem intimidating at first, but with Gibraltar’s warm and inviting community, there is nothing to worry about.

First year students usually live in student accommodation at Europa Suites, on the university campus. As an international student, you will have priority for the on-campus accommodation. If you prefer to live off-campus and not in student accommodation, the university will assist you in finding the perfect place to call home.

Outside of studying, there is so much to do in Gibraltar itself. There is a vibrant social atmosphere, with a great variety of cafes, bars and restaurants on offer. The beaches are a perfect place to spend a warm afternoon, and there are many more activities on offer in the territory, including activities such as Escape Rooms, as well as sports and watersports. Gibraltar is home to both a football and rugby team with a stadium for each, so you don’t have to miss out on sports while you’re here!

Of course, Gibraltar is also a great location if you’re into history, geography, or adventure, with Siege Tunnels weaving their way through the Rock, beautiful hiking trails and lots, lots more. Plus, major Spanish cities are only a drive, bus or train journey away, such as Marbella, Seville and Barcelona. Many students choose to spend weekends or holidays experiencing cities such as Paris, Berlin or London, many of which are easily accessible from Gibraltar.

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