Why choose University College Groningen?

By University College Groningen

University College Groningen

We live in a constantly changing world full of complex, global challenges. University College Groningen offers the opportunity to study an interdisciplinary approach to these challenges.
University College Groningen
University College Groningen provides a world-class education. It’s part of the Rijksuniversiteteit Groningen, which is the second oldest university in the Netherlands and the workplace of a 2016 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry.

Here are 5 more reasons to choose a Liberal Arts and Sciences education at UCG:

  1. A Liberal Arts and Science degree allows you to explore an extensive range of academic subjects alongside your major:
  2. UCG offers a small-scale, tight-knit community, which equals smaller class sizes, more student activities and easily accessible professors:
  3. Project-based, highly interactive learning:
  4. The lively, lovely, student city of Groningen:
  5. A bright future. Liberal Arts and Sciences graduates are valued by employers from all over the world; graduates have learned to be incredibly versatile, which allows them to excel in an ever-changing world. They are prepared for professions that may not yet exist.
Jacky Wang

Jacky Wang

What students think about University College Groningen
“Studying at UCG allows me to explore numerous academic disciplines which has really broadened my horizons. For example, the world of mathematics becomes so vivid and interesting when combined with philosophy. I really enjoy seminars with my fellow students from various countries and religions – we exchange opinions based on our diverse backgrounds, and that’s where you really learn about the world.”
Jacky Wang

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