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When looking for a subject to study abroad, perhaps the biggest concern is whether or not there will be adequate employment opportunities once you’ve graduated. We spoke last month about why studying in Australia, America or the UK is still a great option despite the higher costs; one of the benefits we discussed were the added employment opportunities in these countries. This got us thinking about what jobs are most in demand worldwide, and where you should study certain subjects based on future earning potential and how likely you would be to secure a job in that country upon graduation. This article explores some of the most in demand jobs for international students.

Nurses & Doctors

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are needed all over the world and the demand for skilled individuals is constantly growing. As the population of each country ages, so too does the need for appropriate care, and one specific area that has always been in demand is care. Highly demanding, yet extremely rewarding, care professionals can rest easy in the knowledge that their profession will always be in demand.

Australia is one country that has been crying out for qualified healthcare professionals in recent years. The demand for nurses in Australia has been particularly high, and with starting salaries of AUS$55,617 (US$57,876) per year, it is a tempting prospect for many international students.

Food & Agribusiness Professionals

Food is a commodity that the world couldn’t survive without and as global population figures increase the business of feeding the world has moved from a local industries, in which food was exchanged at markets, to massive international business. Coupled with the declining nature of the Earth’s natural food output, a career in Food & Agribusiness is one that.

The process of growing crops, rearing livestock and getting them to consumers is now an International market, and as such the locations available for work upon graduation are plentiful. The Netherlands is poised as an ideal position to begin your career though, as the third largest fruit and vegetable exporter in the world, especially with the great starting salaries.

Based in the Netherlands, HAS University of Applied Sciences offer a Bachelor of Science in International Food & Agribusiness, which is the perfect option if a career in Food & Agribusiness is what you are looking for.


Whilst the career of a physiotherapist can be placed into the healthcare industry mentioned above, we thought it deserved it’s own section in this instance. Physiotherapists are amongst the most sought-after highly skilled professionals in the health sector worldwide, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, vacancies for physiotherapists are expected to increase by almost  40% within the next ten years – well above the growth forecast for other skilled professions.

America isn’t the only place that is demanding such professionals though, with Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, and Singapore all actively seeking qualified Physiotherapists. Studying Physiotherapy therefore could be a really smart move if you were looking to keep your international job prospects open.

By studying Physiotherapy in the UK, you’d be gaining a world-class education that could easily be transferred to other corners of the globe.

Take a look at Sheffield Hallam’s offering of Physiotherapy if it’s something that interests you.


Medical-imaging technicians such as radiographers are becoming increasingly hard to come by in a number of countries. Ireland, Norway, and the UK have all been actively recruiting radiographers recently, offering between US$33,220 for a therapeutic radiographer up to a massive US$71,000 for a consultant in diagnostics.

Studying a degree within the field of radiography is an excellent way to start your career in an exciting field, and choosing a first-class study abroad destination such as America will ensure you graduate with excellent job opportunities. Valencia College in Florida offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences, making it the ideal choice for anybody wishing to pursue this career option.


Choosing to pursue a career in Psychology is not an easy feat as most countries will demand a masters qualification, meaning that you’ll need to spend a bit more time, and a little extra money gaining the qualifications you will need. However, a career in psychology can be extremely rewarding, both financially and personally. Psychologists in Sweden earn an average US$60,500 a year. Canada, Finland, and Norway have all been seeking qualified psychologists recently too, all offering competitive salaries.

If you’re serious about a career in Psychology, you should be serious about your choice of study location and institution. Like many of the fields we’ve mentioned it may benefit you to look at institutions that specialise in the area you want to work in – this is especially true when studying at postgraduate level. Regents School of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology offer a variety of options, and being based in London, make them the ideal choice for those seeking a career in Psychology.

For more information about studying Psychology, visit our Psychology Degree Guide.

So there we have it, these are some of the jobs that are most in demand worldwide at the moment. We’ve also explored where would be best to study certain subjects based on future earning potential. What do you think though? Are these the careers you expected to see in the list? Let us know in the comments below if you are thinking of pursuing a career in any of these fields.

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