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Ask Anna – How can I get a student visa to study in Australia?

Question: Shakeel Ahmad and Shoaib Ahmed asks; “How can I get a student visa to study in Australia and what documents do I need?”


If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident you can apply for a student visa to study full time in Australia. Visas are granted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) only if the course you are applying for is registered on a full time basis.

You can find if your course is registered at the CRICOS register. If you intend to study for more than three months you’ll need a student visa and this gives you permission to work part time during your studies – maximum 20 hours per week.

Next steps:

1.     Find out your assessment level by completing the simple online check

2.     You’ll need to supply your nationality and chosen level of study – e.g. undergraduate

3.     The result will tell you your Assessment Level and the type of visa you need to apply for. For example, Indian students need a Subclass 573 visa and are assessment level 4

4.     There are links on ‘How this visa works’ (length of stay and work rights), ‘Eligibility’ (requirements you need to fulfil for you and family members), ‘Obligations’ (the rules) and ‘Applying for this visa’ (fees and charges, application checklist and application form)

This is the best and easiest tool for finding out what you need to do as it varies by country and level of study. Takes less than 10 seconds to fill and get the answer, so give it a try today!

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