Leadership Courses

Leadership and management courses help students to gain a better understanding of how to manage a team of people; arming them with the fundamental skills needed for a successful career in leadership, management, and business. Students will develop the skills needed to be a strong, confident leader, and they will be able to apply their newly attained skills in various settings, making an effective contribution in their place of work.

Highlighted courses and degrees in leadership

Leadership Courses can be taken at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, and is commonly paired with other subjects such as management courses or business courses. Most degrees will take one to three years to complete depending on the study mode chosen.

Throughout the degree you will gain a skill-set that will allow you to follow your career aspirations in the business industry. The most common skills gained include an enhanced understanding of leadership concepts and marketing, heightened communications skills, a learned understanding of the organisational environment, and how to lead and manage people. Students will also be able to demonstrate knowledge of finance and business policy and strategy at the end of their course.

Leadership Courses
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Entry Requirements for Degrees in Leadership

If you are looking to study an undergraduate leadership course you can expect to have a range of entry requirements. Firstly you will need to have relevant qualifications at college level, including those in Maths and English. As an international student you may be asked to also express your interest in the course via an interview or a letter of intent to support your application. If you are looking to study a postgraduate leadership course then you will more than likely need to already hold an undergraduate degree in a similar field. Alternatively, some universities may consider your application without an undergraduate degree if you have a significant amount of experience in the leadership and business industry. You are advised to check with the institution you are applying to for more information on course entry requirements.

If you do not meet the entry requirements you may want to consider a pathway course.

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Career Options

More and more businesses are opening around the world, and the demand for better leadership and management is growing all the time. For this reason, a leadership degree opens up new exciting career pathways for graduates. Graduates often go on to work in the fields of organisation management, human resources, training and development, and even higher education, where leadership in an administrative role is desired.

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