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1 Years

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GBP 10800

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GBP 13950

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About Master Of Business Administration at Staffordshire University

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Are you ambitious and do you have an entrepreneurial flair with the appetite to both learn and contribute? Our MBA is aimed at those from all backgrounds and disciplines seeking career advancement into management and leadership.

The Staffordshire MBA is designed for ambitious individuals who want to excel and fulfil their true potential in private, public or the third sector. The programme is built on a unique design based on the core competencies which organisational leaders, senior managers and entrepreneurs depend upon:

  • Strategic Agility
  • Organisational Agility
  • Customer Focus
  • Drive for Results
  • Career Ambition

Our MBA is delivered by an excellent team of academics and practitioners who have been selected because of their relevant industry experience and research expertise in order to add direct value to the delivery of their modules. This team will facilitate the MBA candidates' journey through our problem and practice-based approach, where theory will directly inform practice.

The MBA is flexible and allows you to tailor your course of study, where you can choose up to three option modules from a wide variety of business related topics. The choice will be yours - to suit your individual career path. A placement opportunity will also be available.

Course content

Based around core management and leadership topics, the MBA is flexible and allows you to tailor your course of study, where you can choose up to three option modules from a wide variety of business-related topics.

Core modules

  • Managing People and Organisations
    Explore traditional and contemporary approaches to the strategic management of people both individually and in teams with emphasis on the achievement and development of an effective, efficient and sustainable workforce capable of delivering high levels of organisational performance. Consideration will be given to the managerial challenges of different organisational contexts, managing employees, and managerial ideologies and processes. The module will also seek to evaluate the implementation, application and various implications of managerial action while also taking account of internal and external business environments. The core competencies addressed within this module are: Strategic Agility and Organisational Agility.
    Assessment format: Case study
  • Leadership and Strategic Management
    Focused on Strategic Management from a Leadership perspective, this module involves understanding leadership as a process and the implementation of strategic decisions and its organisational and individual implications. Case study discussions assist in an overall development towards furthering student career. The core competencies addressed within this module are: Strategic Agility and Customer Focus.
    Assessment format: Academic essay.
  • Risk Management
    An innovative module that covers the core principles of risk and uncertainty in a business context. These concepts are applied to the main ways to manage risk such as insurance and hedging within financial markets. The aim of the module is to provide clear strategies for decision-makers to deal with risk and uncertainty despite a rapidly changing and unpredictable economic environment. Also, the module explores other areas of analysis such as Game Theory and Prospect Theory in relation to the role of managing risk.
    Assessment format: two-hour exam.
  • Performing in Organisations
    The Performing in Organisations module uses theory, with examples from practice, of how people and organisations can work more productively while maintaining individual and group wellbeing. The core competencies addressed within this module are: Drive for Results and Career Ambition.
    Assessment format: A viva voce examination of the proposed action plan and a case study.
  • Strategic Marketing Management
    This module is designed to give you an overview of the relationship between marketing strategy and corporate strategy and how strategic marketing decisions are made within an organisation. You will learn about the strategic marketing plan, the elements of a marketing audit and how to create a marketing strategy to meet the needs of your target customers. Elements of the marketing mix will be studied along with an introduction to branding and the influence of digital marketing. We shall also cover corporate reputation and how this can be managed. Core competencies addressed within this module are: Strategic Agility and Customer Focus.
    Assessment format: Group Presentation and Individual Marketing Plan.
  • Project
    The final project represents an opportunity for all MBA students to select a suitable topic and demonstrate the full suite of all five MBA management and leadership competencies derived from the taught modules. Topics will be wide-ranging drawing on different aspects of business but all aiming to address a specific business challenge or problem. Ideally, they should involve external sponsorship to facilitate and support independent study and hence aim to generate robust conclusions and recommendations with real benefit and added value. Following a 'dragons den' style project proposal presentation and allocation of a project supervisor, the assessment requires a 15,000 word project submission.
    A final 'vivre' examination completes this final element of MBA study.

Optional modules

  • Change Leadership
    This module explores a multitude of theories and approaches to organisational change. Going all the way back to the original work of Kurt Lewin, it facilitates a critical understanding of this crucial aspect of organisational life, management and leadership. The core competencies addressed within this module are: Organisational Agility and Drive for Results.
    Assessment format: Academic essay.
  • Entrepreneurship
    An exciting opportunity to act as consultants to a real-life start-up business. This module will challenge you to synthesise your understanding of entrepreneurship theories and empirical research and the knowledge you will have gained from previous studies, other modules on the MBA programme and your previous work experience to develop a business plan which a local enterprise will use to guide them on their start-up journey. The innovative module delivery together with the assessment will equip you with the strategic agility and competencies to support your career advancement and help you develop the skills and confidence to advise other businesses and thus explore other career paths. The core competencies addressed within this module are: Strategic Agility and Career Ambition.
    Assessment format: Business plan (including presentation and reflection).
  • Financial Concepts and Practice:
    Explores techniques and tools to gain insight into an organisation in order to develop strategic agility to improve results in positions of management and leadership. The core competencies addressed within this module are: Strategic Agility and Drive for Results.
    Assessment format: Examination.

Graduate destinations

After completing the Staffordshire MBA, graduates take up on a wide range of opportunities, including promoted management and leadership positions in a range of sectors. Destinations our past graduates have gone on to include Harley-Davidson, Airbus, Corus Hotels, British Telecoms Global Service, IBM, Expedia, Adelphi Research and the ACH Group.

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardMBAHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study1 year
    Course startsSeptemberDomestic course feesGBP 10800International course feesGBP 13950

Entry requirements

  • A good first degree or equivalent professional qualification.
  • Relevant work experience to be discussed as part of your interview.
  • IELTS 6.5 with a minimum 6.0 in all categories eg Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

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