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About Integrative Bioethics at Sofia University

The MA Programme in Integrative Bioethics, established in 2011/2012 academic year, is the first graduate programme in bioethics in Bulgaria. The Programme offers theoretical knowledge and practical training in the interdisciplinary field of bioethics, aims to develop an integrative approach to the problems and to intensify research in the field of bioethics in Bulgaria.

The programme is designed for students with B.A., B.Sc., and M.A. degree in humanities and sciences, interested in the ethical questions, raised by the recent development of life sciences and medicine, their social and political implications.

The programme offers knowledge and training in philosophical concepts and theories, methods of ethics, ethical analysis of actions and practices. The philosophical courses aim to broaden and deepen understanding of the problems of bioethics. Students have the opportunity to obtain knowledge and discuss concrete questions, concerning the development of contemporary medicine, genetics and genomics, stem cells research, assisted reproduction, end of life care, ecology and environment protection, etc.

The graduates of the programme are qualified to undertake research work in the interdisciplinary field of bioethics. They can enter careers in governmental, non-governmental organizations and health care institutions. The programme will be particularly useful for all those confronted with ethical issues in the professions of health care, education, law and social work.

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Entry requirements

1. To have completed higher education with Bachelor's or Master's degree awarded. If the applicant's Diploma is acquired from a foreign educational institution, it must be recognized with the purpose of obtaining access to further education within the higher education system of Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski'.

2. The average grade of the applicant's Diploma for higher education (BA / BSc degree) to be no less than the equivalent of Good 4 according to the Bulgarian system of grades.

3. For some of the programs the respective faculties may have additional requirements or entrance exams, on the basis of which the applicants are selected.

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