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4 years

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EUR 3850 per year

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About Biology at Sofia University

It is the oldest speciality in the Faculty of Biology. Students acquire knowledge and practical skills in the field of biological sciences with a focus on the organism level. They are trained to explore biology of living organisms on cell-organism level, populational level and ecosystem level in functional and applied aspect in terms to be qualified to perform experimental, applied, production and teaching activity. Thanks to the wide variety of elective and optional subjects, students acquire profiled knowledge and skills in different aspects of botany, zoology, parasitology, microbiology, ecology, genetics, hydrobiology, cell biology etc.

Study options for this course

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  • The awardBScHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study4 years
    Course starts find outDomestic course fees find outInternational course feesEUR 3850 per year

Entry requirements

1. To have completed secondary education that makes them eligible to continue their studies in higher educational institutions in the country in which the applicants have completed their secondary education

2. In the applicant's diploma for secondary education the grades relevant to the the major applied for are not lower than 62% of the maximum grade in accordance to the grading system in the country, in which the applicant has completed secondary education (i.e. the equivalent to a grade Good 4).

3. To not suffer diseases contra-indicated to the area of study or the profession applied for.

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