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The Degree Programmes in Automation Technology began as early as 1996 with one of the first degree programmes to be held at CAMPUS 02. Hence, they boast a wide and varied network of companies who support the course with a focus on practical application and enable us to be on the cutting edge of technology.

In addition, our students benefit from smaller class groups, lecturers with practical experience and coming from top positions in business and from projects for the industry that provide valuable contacts to companies. Our graduates are active in leading companies as highly qualified staff.

Smart Automation is primarily focussed on the automation of technical processes and includes smart products and organisational processes.

The fields of activity are correspondingly diverse with a particular focus on activities such as planning, development and implementation in the technical environment. These activities cover the spectrum from the development of products and services to their production, maintenance and service.

A sound knowledge of automation technology provides the foundation for you to specialise in one of the areas product, production or process. In these core areas, you will work on theoretical examples which you will then implement as laboratory and programming exercises. The degree programme is held in English and is therefore best-placed for work in an international context.

After the graduation you can work in the following fields of activity:

  • Product and application development (calculation, planning, production)
  • System integration and commissioning (Hardware, software, programming)
  • Process optimisation (control technology)
  • Instrumentation (acquisition, preparation, transmission, management, analysis, visualisation of data)
  • Testing technology (simulation, analysis and synthesis)
  • Testing and quality management (maintenance, service and repair)
  • Technical product management and sales
  • Production (planning, control, management, logistics)

Courses at Smart Automation, Campus 02 University of Applied Sciences

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