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About Silesian University of Technology

Country Poland
City Krakow
Number of courses 31
Year founded 1945
Number of students 18300

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked technical universities in Poland. It is a modern higher education institution with over 75 years of tradition in didactics, research and science. At present, SUT educates more than 18,000 students at all three levels of study: bachelor, master and doctoral, mainly in the fields of engineering, technology and architecture. All of the classes take place in modern laboratories and lecture halls, they are taught by highly qualified university staff, consisting of 1,600 academic teachers. The Silesian University of Technology consists of eleven faculties located in Gliwice, where the University is situated, as well as in two faculties in Katowice and two in Zabrze.

The Silesian University of Technology was placed among 10 best Polish universities and received the Research University status!

We have the results of the first competition under the "Initiative of Excellence - Research University" programme. The aim of the competition was to select and support the universities which will strive to achieve the status of a research university and will be able to successfully compete with the best academic centres in Europe and worldwide. Out of 20 best universities in Poland, eligible to participate in the competition, an international team of experts selected 10 universities, which will receive a subsidy increased by 10% over the period 2020 and 2026. The Silesian University of Technology is among the universities, which under the competition will receive a total of nearly 245,000,000.00 PLN within 7 years.

Priority research areas:

  • Computational oncology and personalized medicine
  • Artificial intelligence and data processing
  • Materials of the future
  • Smart cities and future mobility
  • Process automation and Industry 4.0
  • Climate and environmental protection, modern energy

World-Class Education

Welcome to the Silesian University of Technology (SUT), a place that without a doubt, educates successful people. Almost 10% of the top-managers in Poland graduated from SUT. Its alumni receive the highest salaries in the region and the 4th highest in Poland. Recently, we also ranked 4th among higher education schools whose graduates are most sought after by employers.

Join us and take the unique opportunity to study engineering at an institution which has a worldwide academic reputation and a vital cooperation with major industrial partners.

SUT is also a key player in the field of new technologies and innovations. New ideas and solutions, born at the Silesian University of Technology, boost the competitiveness of Polish and international firms.

Learn From The Best

We are home to a vibrant community of almost 1,650 of the best and brightest minds. We attract academics, whose passion and brilliance drives them to become leaders in their respective fields. The excellent teaching staff is one of the strongest assets of the university. The inauguration ceremony of the first academic year with 3,000 students and 200 teachers, was held 75 years ago. Today, there are more than 18,000 students, 1,650 academics and over 50 fields of study encompassing the whole range of engineering disciplines.

Your Future Is In Gliwice

The main campus of the Silesian University of Technology is located in Gliwice, a charming 800-years old city and an important scientific, research and design centre in Poland. The city has nearly 200,000 inhabitants and, thanks to SUT it is the second (after Warsaw), agglomeration of technical intelligence. During the last 20 years, Gliwice has transformed from a city based on heavy industry into a leader in new technologies. On the other hand, Gliwice is also well known for its cultural life.

Many festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other art activities take place in the town. Numerous famous Polish artists and other interesting people (e.g. the inventor of Nivea cream) originally come from Gliwice. The results of surveys show that Gliwice is one of the most attractive cities to live in Poland. It is definitely a unique place, where tradition, multicultural heritage, science and modernity intermingle, creating its one-of-a-kind atmosphere of an attractive place to study and live.

Best Student Experience

Your studies at the Silesian University of Technology will present ample opportunity to broaden your interests. During the academic year the university is vibrant with activities inspired by Student Self Government and many student organizations. There are over 20 different student organizations and over 180 scientific associations. Moreover, students have at their disposal a choir, a music band, a dance ensemble and a theatre.

The SUT is also an ideal place for sports enthusiasts. There are 28 different sports categories, such as aerobics, karate, judo, badminton, running, mountain cycling, volleyball, basketball, skiing, handball etc.

Entrepreneurship First

SUT has established a close cooperation with its business environment. In the entire region of Upper Silesia, there are numerous companies and special economic zones, including the Katowice Special Economic Zone, with numerous enterprises operating in the fields of advanced technologies. SUT does this in order to reach its main objective, which is to train highly skilled engineering staff for modern industry and to conduct and implement innovative research.

The Silesian University of Technology is an institution that pays special attention to developing entrepreneurship among its students. Those skills often help them later in life when the time comes to make decisions concerning their professional future. The Student Career Office and the Academic Entrepreneurial Incubator are also very active at our university, helping students to find jobs, set up their own company and offering information about available training courses and internships. The Silesian University of Technology regularly organizes job fairs, numerous training courses and workshops, including programmes promoting academic entrepreneurship.

These activities aimed at boosting entrepreneurship among the students of the University are actively supported by the industrial partners, who regularly take part in the above-mentioned events, offering students and graduates not only attractive training courses and internships, but very often providing them with practical knowledge in the area of setting up a company or implementing new technologies in industry.

The effect of a close cooperation with industry is, among other factors, the offer of a system of dual studies. At the same time, students gain academic knowledge and professional experience, thanks to which modern industry gains highly qualified employees.

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