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Murdoch University provides everything you would expect from a world-class university, including leading academics, world-changing research, excellent facilities and a wide range of courses. We believe that creativity powers change and strive to be the place where new ways of thinking can be found. We won’t tell you what to think - instead we give you the support, skills and opportunities to forge your own path.

Murdoch provides an innovative and welcoming learning environment where you’ll be surrounded by some of the
world’s most progressive thinkers, people who are not just challenging conventional wisdom and tackling the world’s big questions, but also finding answers. 

Being part of the Innovative Research Universities group, Murdoch University takes great pride in being a world-renowned research university. It has an impressive reputation for conducting ground-breaking studies, and experienced academics encourage students to be independent thinkers with a focus on the future.

Based in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, the university boasts strong connections with overseas partners, domestic government departments and the wider working community, giving you a perfect springboard to take part in work placements and complete real-world projects in their subject area. With campuses in Perth, Dubai, and Singapore, Murdoch is a truly global University. 

Our forward-thinking students are answering tomorrow’s questions, today. Are you ready to join them?

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    Emmanuel Dei: Travelling to Murdoch to change lives back home in Ghana

    Testimonial from Emmanuel Dei: Travelling to Murdoch to change lives back home in Ghana, student at Murdoch University

    Originally from Ghana, Emmanuel travelled to Murdoch on an Australia Award Scholarship to fulfil a lifelong dream of improving blood services back home.

    Pursuing a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at Murdoch

    Emmanuel made the near 13,000km life-changing journey from Ghana to Perth after being awarded an Australia Award Africa Scholarship.

    A prestigious international scholarship, Australia Awards offers the next generation of global leaders from more than 50 developing countries an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia.

    "Murdoch was the only university in Australia which was offering my aspirations and interests in one course - the Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership. The leadership aspect attracted me because I want to be a global citizen leading change."

    The only course of its kind in Australia, Murdoch's Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership is designed to help students like Emmanuel become a fully informed and competent health industry leader.

    Prior to studying at Murdoch, Emmanuel worked in the National Blood Service of Ghana as a Senior Research, Planning and Data Officer and has participated and spoken at international blood transfusion congresses in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Denmark, Canada and the United Kingdom.

    Emmanuel enrolled at Murdoch University to fulfil his passion for promoting and improving blood services in Ghana and the wider African community.

    "I want to make an impact in health service delivery in Ghana and across Africa. I want to gain the necessary leadership skills needed to transform the health industry, improve the health of humanity and provide universal health coverage for all, especially marginalised populations."

    Feeling at home at Murdoch and in Perth

    By choosing to study a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership, Emmanuel has the ability to specialise in the areas of health administration and leadership, evaluation and policy, or health informatics and analytics.

    "My degree is already preparing and shaping me to think about health on a global level while challenging me to harness my inner potential. I'm confident that I'll be able to cause change in any setting I find myself in using evidence-based principles and concepts."

    Murdoch's emphasis on alternative teaching methods like the Work Integrated Learning program, gives students the opportunity to intern with government agencies (e.g. WA Health), not-for-profit organisations (Red Cross and Ngala) and small to medium enterprises.

    "What I like most about studying in Murdoch is the teaching methods and supportive environment aimed at making students excel in their endeavours. The environment allows you to think freely and differently without limiting your potentials."

    This free-thinking ethos extends out of the classroom, creating a campus where students can be themselves and excel in their studies.

    "Murdoch has a warm and welcoming ambiance that makes you feel comfortable to be yourself. The supportive culture at Murdoch gives me the peace of mind to concentrate on my studies without worrying about failure because I have the conviction that all faculty and facilities are there to support me to be successful."

    Emmanuel has also easily fit into the wider multicultural Perth landscape, which is ranked in the top 30 in the world for best student mix (QS, Best Student Cities 2019).

    "Perth is a liveable city that embraces all persons with different cultural backgrounds. The city is affordable for students to live, study and work and has a fantastic balance between modern development (sophisticated buildings and skyscrapers) and nature (greenery, clean air, birds and water bodies).

    "It suits the lifestyles of people who enjoy the quiet life as well as those who like the hyper life."

    Striving to make the world healthier

    When looking towards the future, Emmanuel aims to use the knowledge and skills gained through his studies to contribute to producing better health outcomes, especially for marginalised populations, women and children.

    "Murdoch is helping to understand and shape my dream beyond what I had planned to do in future. Murdoch is preparing me to be successful in the career path I have chosen by empowering me with the essential skills and knowledge that I need to think freely, differently and positively.

    "I would recommend Murdoch to other students because it is a place that will support them to challenge their fears and realise their hidden potentials without losing themselves. They will gain in-depth knowledge and internationally recognised skills that are relevant to the real world.

    "Murdoch will set them up on a career that will make then global citizens to lead change in the world."

    Learn more about Murdoch's Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership, the only course of its kind in Australia.

    Deepa Machaiah: Mastering instrumentation engineering at Murdoch

    Testimonial from Deepa Machaiah: Mastering instrumentation engineering at Murdoch, student at Murdoch University

    Studying a postgraduate engineering degree at Murdoch allowed international student Deepa to make friends from all over the world and achieve her professional goals.

    With a lifelong passion for problem solving and innovation, it was no surprise to anyone who knew Deepa Machaiah when she enrolled to complete a Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering after completing high school.

    After spending 10 years developing her skills and perfecting her craft, Deepa decided to return to university to pursue a Master of Engineering in Instrumentation, Control and Industrial Computer Systems Engineering at Murdoch.

    "The desire to upskill and specialise in the engineering field motivated me to research and choose a great university. I decided to study at Murdoch because it provided a high standard and industry relevant course, which I thought was perfect to upgrade my skills in line with my previous study and work experience."

    Deepa was also convinced by Murdoch's emphasis on practical learning in world-class facilities, including the fully functioning Bayer Pilot Plant, the only student engineering plant of its kind in Western Australia.

    "The course structure is well balanced with theory and practical learning, with great emphasis on the practical aspect of engineering. Murdoch provided me with opportunities to advance my skills further with incredible real-world infrastructure and facilities."

    A warm welcome to Murdoch

    Deepa was welcomed to Murdoch and the wider Perth community with open arms by new friends and University support staff.

    "My experience at Murdoch has been wonderful. The campus is so relaxing, and I've been able to make friends from different countries and love the fact that the University is so multicultural.

    "I also love Perth weather and the relaxed lifestyle. The people are very warm and welcoming and public transport is safe and easy - not to mention the lovely beaches!"

    Deepa was especially thankful for O-Week and the support of the Student Services team, both at the beginning and throughout her university journey.

    "Orientation Week was helpful in getting accustomed to various aspects of life at Murdoch University and in Australia. The support staff and volunteers are also amazingly friendly and caring. They were so willing to help no matter how big or small the issue was."

    Deepa was also welcomed to Murdoch with an International Welcome Scholarship. Offered to eligible international students commencing an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at one of our Western Australia campuses, an International Welcome Scholarship assists students with course fees, providing a contribution of up to AU$12,000 or 20% for coursework degrees, or AU$10,000 for an honours degree.

    "Murdoch's International Welcome Scholarship is invaluable for international students like me as it helps to reduce financial stress and provides a chance to help achieve your dream."

    Recommending Murdoch to others

    When asked if she would recommend Murdoch to others, Deepa doesn't hesitate in her glowing praise.

    "My journey has been brilliant, and I would absolutely recommend studying at Murdoch University, especially for engineering. The ambience on campus is relaxing and culturally diverse, plus the Master of Engineering in Instrumentation, Control and Industrial Computer Systems Engineering is distinctive and well known in Australia.

    "To make a difference in any facet of life you need to understand the basics, that’s where Murdoch’s course structure is ideal. By better understanding the basics I am confident I can contribute to society in a positive way. The University offers real world experience in the engineering field to prepare you for future career challenges."

    Are you ready to join Deepa and Murdoch's other engineering graduates who have gone on to design one of Australia's most iconic wind farms and use natural resources like lithium to change the way we use energy? Explore our range of engineering courses today.

    Andra Julinar: Finding herself at Murdoch University

    Testimonial from Andra Julinar: Finding herself at Murdoch University, student at Murdoch University

    Originally from Indonesia, international student Andra Julinar found home in the beautiful city of Perth and in the multicultural family of Murdoch.

    Finding the right fit at Murdoch

    A self-described people person since a young age, it was a natural choice for Andra Julinar to pursue a Master of Human Resources Management.

    "I always enjoyed playing team sports growing up, especially basketball as well as tennis and badminton.

    "I chose Human Resources because it is quite related to my previous degree and who I am and what I love."

    After careful research and taking word of mouth recommendations into account, Andra ended up choosing Murdoch as her preferred university, and hasn't been disappointed.

    "I have several friends who studied at Murdoch and I received good feedback from them. I love the trees and nature side of Murdoch. I love just sitting down under the sun.

    "I have really enjoyed meeting classmates from different professions and levels of experience. I love hearing their comments and arguments in class because it helps me to broaden my understanding."

    Initially struggling to settle into her new environment, Andra greatly benefited from Murdoch's support services, and encourages future students who may be having issues to do the same.

    "I had a great experience with a team member from Student Support during my struggles at university. I think it is a very important point to raise because often people are often afraid to ask for help, especially if they come from an Asian background as it can be perceived as being incompetent and shameful.

    "I'm lucky that Murdoch really encourages students to ask for help if they are struggling."

    Perth - the ideal study city

    The capital of Western Australia, Perth is a prosperous and thriving city based on the shores of the Swan River. Making the most of the warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters, Perth residents have everything they need with a large shopping district offering a cosmopolitan mix of cafes, restaurants, pubs and thriving nightlife.

    While not as populous as our east coast rivals, our low cost of living (Perth is the most affordable capital city in the country in which to live and study according to The Economist Intelligence Unit, Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2019), chilled out vibe, and beautiful coastline (we're home to Cottesloe Beach - rated Australia's best beach), made us the ideal study city for Andra.

    "I love that Perth is less crowded than both Melbourne and Sydney. I also love the beaches and the clear water."

    With a beautiful Mediterranean climate (average summer high of 31°C and average winter high of 18°C) and more daylight hours a year than even the Sunshine Coast, Perth also gives students like Andra the opportunity to make the most of their study experience.

    "My favourite thing about Perth is the accessibility, convenience and freedom.

    "I love being able to just go to a park and have BBQ in a very good weather because it's impossible to have that in Indonesia."

    Making friends from all over the world

    A welcoming multicultural community, Perth is ranked in the top 30 in the world for best student mix (QS, Best Student Cities 2019), and choosing Murdoch allowed Andra to take full advantage of this diversity.

    "I've loved making new friends from different countries.

    "Murdoch has given me the amazing opportunity to mingle with people from different cultures.  While other universities have a high number of students who often they mix with their own race, Murdoch gave me the opportunity to socialise and not be boxed in with other Indonesians.

    "I think this is really important for all students, especially international students. Mingling with the ‘same kind’ of people won’t benefit us and won’t teach us anything, but by exposing ourselves to different people and cultures we can broaden our view and understanding of the world.

    "That’s why I love Perth so much and feel like it is my home."

    Learn more about joining Andra and thousands of other students who have come to call Perth and Murdoch home.

Courses at Murdoch University

There are 220 courses listed from Murdoch University. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

Fees, Funding and Scholarships at Murdoch University

Murdoch provides a range of scholarships on offer for commencing and existing International students. Eligible students could receive a scholarship up to the value of AUD 11,000.

Murdoch’s international student fees are competitive and the university helps to make study more affordable by offering a range of scholarships.

International Welcome Scholarship

An International Welcome Scholarship can provide up to AUD 11,000 towards a student’s tuition fees if the student is eligible.

Murdoch offers AUD 12,000 scholarships for the following programs:

  • Business & Governance
  • Bachelor of Nursing

The university offers AUD 11,000 scholarships for all other eligible programs.

This Scholarship is a contribution towards your course fees each semester, for the duration of the Scholarship.

Murdoch University Academic Excellence Awards

Murdoch University Academic Excellence Awards offer students AUD 5,000 towards their degree if they have a record of high academic achievement in their previous studies.

Murdoch also provides course specific and research scholarships, with a range of other scholarships and financial aid available in conjunction with the Australian government.

Services Offered for International Students

  • Airport pickup and reception services
  • Course and Career Counselling services
  • Special enrolment and orientation
  • International student clubs and associations
  • On-campus accommodation
  • On campus medical facilities
  • Overseas Graduations
  • Religious Facilities - Christianity
  • Religious Facilities - combined facilities
  • Religious Facilities - Muslim prayer rooms
  • Social Activities
  • Sporting facilities
  • Sporting facilities - variety of clubs
  • Sporting facilities - Gym
  • Sporting facilities - Team sports

Accommodation Information for Students

Murdoch University Village

Be part of a vibrant community of more than 800 students at Murdoch University Village. The village features a wide range of secure apartments as well as recreational facilities, including a beach volleyball court, swimming pool, e-library and a student lounge.

You can also join the unique Live, Learn and Grow residential life program which will help you adjust to campus life.

The village is owned and operated by Campus Living Villages in close partnership with Murdoch University.

See what’s on offer at Murdoch University Village.

Study Abroad Information

Our Study Abroad and Exchange Program at Murdoch University attracts students from all over the world. This exciting opportunity will allow you to work towards completing your degree whilst enjoying new experiences and seeing the natural beauty of Western Australia.

Your time at Murdoch University will give you the chance to live and study on a beautiful campus, make lifelong friends and visit different parts of a fascinating and unique landscape.

You may wish to come to Murdoch from our campuses in SingaporeDubai or Myanmar, one of our transnational partner universities, or from a non-partner university.

You can choose from hundreds of subjects we offer at Murdoch. The subjects are called ‘units’ and with so many to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your area of interest.

In the city of Perth, you can enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities at any time of year. Whether you love the beach, want to explore some natural landscapes, discover unique Australian wildlife, or explore local cuisine or fashion, you’ll find there’s something for everyone in Perth.

Find out more about Study Abroad at Murdoch 

Facts about Murdoch University

  • Year institution founded: 1973
  • Total enrolled: 24000

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