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About Mary Immaculate College

Mary Immaculate College (MIC), founded in 1898, is Ireland’s leading university-level College of Education and Humanities. The College has a growing and diverse community of almost 5,000 students, who are enrolled in undergraduate programmes in Education, Liberal Arts, Theatre Studies and Early Childhood Care and Education, as well as a range of postgraduate programmes at Diploma, MA and PhD levels. Additional subjects available to our international students include Irish Heritage Studies, Beginners Irish Language, English as a Foreign Language and English for Academic Purposes.

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What students think about Mary Immaculate College

    Kalina Anderson, USA

    Testimonial from Kalina Anderson, USA, student at Mary Immaculate College

    Getting to MIC, a school 4,000 miles from where I was born and raised, was almost too easy. Aside from adjusting to the cold weather, Limerick immediately felt like home. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, and that doesn’t just include the staff at MIC. Setting up was reasonably affordable and food prices are comparable to those at home. There is a good variety of ethnic food places around, providing some of the comforts I could find at home.

    The trick to getting along well in a new country is getting involved. I signed up to be a Class Rep and served as the chairperson for the ever-changing International Society. As my Jamaican father would say, “Nuff respect to the Mary I and especially the International Office respect.”

    Theresa Hotz, Germany

    Testimonial from Theresa Hotz, Germany, student at Mary Immaculate College

    Studying at MIC was an experience I wouldn’t want to have missed. Thanks to the warm welcome of the President and all staff members, I felt at home right from the start. There are many academic and free time activities offered for anyone interested and the international students are taken really good care of

    In addition to the college life, all the international students have been travelling a lot on the weekends and thereby experienced the country and the culture intensively. Ireland is incredibly beautiful, especially the west coast, and the Irish are friendly and cheerful people who offer help whenever it’s needed. Having been given the chance to study at MIC has been a privilege which I am very thankful for!

    Elanor McDevitt, USA

    Testimonial from Elanor McDevitt, USA, student at Mary Immaculate College

    I’m coming up on my second year at MIC and it has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life. Before I’d even been accepted to the school, Ben and Holly from the International Office had a Skype call with my mother and me to go through any questions we had. Right away, I felt very welcomed, and that has stayed true throughout my time at MIC. One stand out opportunity from my first year is getting involved with the College’s radio station, Wired FM, where I co-host a weekly film talk show with another international student (who is now one of my closest friends).

    Limerick is a great city and there is always something to do. Almost anything you’d need is within a 20 minute walk from campus, including a train station - meaning traveling around Ireland is simple, and student rates make it affordable too!

Location of Mary Immaculate College

Mary Immaculate College main campus location is shown on the map below:

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Services Offered for International Students

  • Airport pickup and reception services
  • Course and Career Counselling services
  • Special enrolment and orientation
  • International student clubs and associations
  • On-campus accommodation
  • On campus medical facilities
  • Religious Facilities - Christianity
  • Religious Facilities - combined facilities
  • Social Activities
  • Special English language
  • Sporting facilities
  • Sporting facilities - variety of clubs
  • Sporting facilities - Gym
  • Sporting facilities - Team sports

Accommodation Information for Students

For the majority of students, going to College is their first time living away from home and the range of options can seem overwhelming, especially when you are not familiar with your surroundings. Students will find comfortable and welcoming low-cost accommodation within very close proximity to MIC. There are a variety of options too, including on-campus, self-catering and off-campus, self-catering student accommodation. The average cost for these options is €2,450 per semester. Students may also rent private accommodation in the neighbourhoods around MIC, which may be even more affordable. As a city campus, no city neighbourhood is outside walking distance! The International Office is happy to assist students in finding suitable accommodation 

Study Abroad Information

Mary Immaculate College has a vast range of potential study abroad locations and partner institutions across Europe, North America and further afield such as Turkey, Morocco, Australia, Central and South America, China and Japan. MIC students have the opportunity for international study at any of these destinations during Year 3 of their undergraduate studies. Our international students also have the added benefit of an exemption from the off-campus/study abroad element of the programme, if they wish, as they are already studying internationally. This allows students to complete their honors degree in just 3 years and save the tuition payments of a fourth academic year.

*Students of Psychology may undertake off-campus placement in the autumn semester only and take modules in the spring semester, therefore, cannot be exempt from year 3.

Facts about Mary Immaculate College

  • Year institution founded: 1898
  • Total enrolled: 5000
  • Number of Full-time students: 5000
  • Men to women ratio: 2/3
  • Number of academic staff: 251

Methods of assessment at Mary Immaculate College

9am - 10pm Monday to Friday

2pm - 6pm Saturday

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