About ISA Lille

ISA Lille is a French Graduate School in Agriculture and Bioengineering offering comprehensive programs in the fields of Agriculture, Food Science, Environmental Science and Agricultural Economics & Marketing, taught in English, French or both languages!


Being and thinking different has been at the heart of ISA Lille’s DNA for 50 years. We are training future managers who develop and cultivate innovation, entrepreneurship, curiosity and open-mindedness throughout their studies. Our graduates must be able to face the environmental, agricultural, economical and food challenges of an ever-changing world.


We offer Masters programs with majors in Agricultural Science, Food Science, Environmental Science and Agricultural Economics and Marketing, taught both in French and in English. Our students build on the fundamentals of Life Sciences with practical application in professional experience and project-based learning.


Our Research Units all belong to larger regional, national and international research networks: Universities, Institutes, companies’ R&D departments. This diversity contributes to guaranteeing the academic excellence of our programs.


ISA Lille wishes to train well-rounded and engaged young people. Our graduates are equipped with scientific, technical, intercultural and managerial skills, which enable them to get jobs in various departments and companies.

Over the last 50 years, ISA has developed a solid network of business partners in France and abroad. We organize an annual “Company and Career Fair”, where companies and students have the chance to meet and exchange on internships and job opportunities.

Our graduates are well-rounded experts in their field of choice, ready to take on challenging leadership positions in a globalized job market. ISA Lille alumni work in France and all over the world as managers and executives in leading agricultural, environmental management and agroindustry firms, as well as research institutes and universities.

Courses at ISA Lille

There are 4 courses listed from ISA Lille. These are displayed below in alphabetical order:

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