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In 1966 a pioneer educational program was created in Europe, formed by a Hotel-School with restaurant where university hospitality students could conduct their internship, since the first day, with real customers, under the supervision and direct assessment of a professional teaching staff.

Thus, one of our slogans was created: “learning by doing”, probably the one that best summarizes the philosophy and the concept of Hotel-School, where nothing is taken for granted until it has not been practiced as many times as necessary, in a real working environment and validated by the criterion of a professional.

The Hotel-School (H-E StPOL) is comprised by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL), which offers university training of bachelor degree and master’s degrees; the Gastronomy Center and Restaurant Service Sant Pol de Mar (CGR StPOL), that offers vocational training, and the Hotel Gran Sol.

EUHT StPOL was also the first school in Spain to create a program and specific training methodology of theory-practice in hospitality management at a time when training plans in Spain hardly distinguished hospitality in the tourism area.

In 2019 EUHT StPOL has been placed in 19th position among the world’s universities specialized in the area of Hospitality and Leisure Management according to the QS World University Rankings. Compared to the previous year, EUHT StPOL has climbed almost thirty positions and becomes the only university college of hospitality and tourism with a study accreditation under the Spanish university system that is listed among the top 20 of the ranking.

Courses at Hotel School of Sant Pol de Mar

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