Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology (Professional Bachelor Degree)


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Professional Bachelor Degree

How long you will study
18 Months

Domestic course fees
find out

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Course starts
January, August

International course fees
EUR 20100 per total

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About Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology at Business Academy Aarhus

Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology

Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology is a top-up course for chemical and biotechnical analysts, and after completing the 18-month-long programme you will obtain a Bachelor's degree. The programme is the direct route to further education for chemical and biotechnical analysts, food technologists and process technologists.You will get the skills to be successful in both national and international laboratory environments, and you will be updated on the latest technological, scientific and social developments. You will be trained to acquire additional knowledge within a field that is constantly evolving, and your ability to transfer and implement technical and scientific results into practical usage will be one of your main strengths. You will improve your academic skills and your qualifications in relation to planning, coordination and project management. The programme has a multi-disciplinary focus which teaches you to coordinate, communicate and initiate projects across various disciplines.

The common part teaches you how to apply mathematics, commerce, production and quality control, planning experiments and communication in relation to your specialisation. In connection with your specialisation you work with subjects that relate to laboratory, food or process technologies. You learn how to acquire and study new academic knowledge.Before the programme begins you must determine which of the three lines of specialisation you will take. Chemical and Biotechnical Technology - You learn to independently describe, analyse, critically assess and communicate test results in relation to chemical and biotechnical technology. You achieve how to draw conclusions and correlate with similar results. You acquire qualifications in the planning, realisation and assessment of multi-stage organic synthesis and fermentation - including upstream and downstream processes. Food Technology - You learn how to identify, analyse and assess problems in relation to the production and quality of food. You work with packing, and learn to prepare, implement and be in charge of self-regulation systems. Finally, the programme teaches you to work in an innovative manner from conceptual stage to finished food product. Process Technology - You learn how to describe, analyse and assess technical issues in relation to the development of processes and products. You become involved in the design, construction and implementation of process facilities at pilot scale and in systems operation in a manufacturing company. You acquire the qualifications required to carry out quality control and maintenance inspections and work with resource and risk management in the context of production processes.

Study options for this course

  • The award How you will study How long you will study Course starts Domestic course fees International course fees
  • The awardProfessional Bachelor DegreeHow you will studyFull-timeHow long you will study18 months
    Course startsJanuary, AugustDomestic course fees find outInternational course feesEUR 20100 per total

Notes about fees for this course

There is no tuition fee for Danish students, Nordic students, and students from the EU/EEA countries. Students with a permanent residence permit in Denmark or with a temporary residence permit with the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Denmark also do not pay a tuition fee.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted to this degree programme, you must have completed one of the following programmes:

  • Chemical and Biotechnical Science
  • Food Technology
  • Process Technology

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