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How a pre-master's helped this student to achieve his charitable goals

How a pre-master's helped this student to achieve his charitable goals

If you don’t automatically qualify for a master’s degree in the UK, some universities offer international students the opportunity to take a pre-master’s. A pre-master’s is designed to develop students’ study skills, subject knowledge and language level (if required), and ultimately meet the entry requirements for a range of master’s courses.

And there are many reasons why a pre-master’s may be suitable for you. You may have been away from education for a number of years and feel that taking a pre-master’s would allow you to get back in the mindset of a university student. Perhaps you intend to take a master’s degree in a subject that is different from your bachelor’s degree. Alternatively, you may have just missed out on the direct entry requirements. Whatever the reasons, a pre-master’s is a great way to prepare you for your UK master’s degree.

However, for many students a pre-master’s is not just a means to an end but an incredibly valuable learning experience in itself. Mbakeh Camara, an Oxford Brookes University student from Gambia is just one example of the many incredibly talented students who enrol on a pre-master’s course to further develop themselves before starting their master’s.

Mbakeh was advised to take a pre-master’s before his master’s degree in international law. In this video, he talks about the social enterprise he set up in Gambia as well as the social entrepreneurship award he received from Oxford Brookes. As you will see in the video Mbakeh believes his pre “pre-master’s was the best decision I have ever made in my life”.

Perhaps the most revealing thing about Mbakeh’s academic journey was that he felt the experience he gained during his pre-master’s gave him the confidence to set up his youth project. “I realised, ‘I don’t need to wait for my master’s because I have already gained the skills I need during my pre-master’s programme.'” Immediately after completing his pre-master’s, he says, he booked a ticket home and undertook research to underpin his social activities.

You will probably agree that Mbakeh is a very inspiring individual, and someone who has benefited a great deal from taking a pre-master’s at Oxford Brookes University.

To find out more about whether a pre-master’s is suitable for you, please visit our pre-master’s webpage or email pathways@brookes.ac.uk

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