Which Scientist are you?

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Take our quick quiz and find out!
If you love technical subjects like maths, science or computing, then you may be considering a career in the sciences. But with so many different paths, which science course is right for you?
Take our quick quiz to find out! It’s fun but not foolproof – although you might discover a new science career option you never thought of before!
1. In your dreams, the main thing you’d like to achieve in your career is
a) finding a cure for a disease
b) winning a Nobel prize
c) solving a mystery about where we’ve come from
d) developing a useful new substance or chemical
2. You’d like to spend your working days
a) inside a lab, wearing a white coat
b) travelling around the world presenting your theories
c) getting your hands dirty out in the field
d) working as part of team
3. Your favourite subject at school was
a) chemistry
b) physics
c) biology
d) technology and design
4. What would you like most for your birthday?
a) a microscope
b) a subscription to Science Magazine or an academic journal
c) a telescope
d) a new high-tech gadget
5. If you travel anywhere in the world, you’d choose
a) a place where you could volunteer to help people, such as a medical clinic or refugee camp
b) somewhere with a world-class museum or library
c) a camping trip in the great outdoors
d) a conference for new technology
If you chose mostly As… think about applied science courses where you can learn the skills you need to make a difference to the world.  This could be finding a cure for cancer or malaria, or ways to manage drought and water shortages. Compare biotechnology or pharmacology course, leading to work in a hospital, research lab or pharmaceutical company, or molecular cell biology and genetics, or agricultural sciences.
If you chose mostly Bs… an academic science career might suit you, giving you the freedom to develop new theories in your chosen area such as astrophysics or mathematics. Look for studies in pure science rather than applied science, and let your inspiration be Einstein, Newton or Hawking.
If you chose mostly Cs… you may be interested in finding out where our planet came from, how our species developed, or how we can better use our resources. Astronomy, oceanography, geology, palaeontology and earth sciences examine different aspects of the world and how it came to be. And by solving some of these riddles, you may discover a way to overcome our challenges.
If you chose mostly Ds… you like to create things and experiment. Whether it’s a new type of eco-friendly material or food, or a new way of wiring up a computer system. You can combine technology with chemistry in material sciences or computer sciences.
There are many other fields of sciences, including forensics, food science, agricultural science and veterinary science. If you’re still not sure which path to take, why not apply for an internship and see whether you enjoy real-life science in action?
You can search thousands of the world’s best science degrees – undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma level – on StudyLink.
If you need more information on Science degrees, check out our Science Directory.

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