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European MBA Emerging as Rival to American MBA

Choosing the right country to take an MBA in is a difficult process – there’s a lot to consider past the quality of education, and it’s a huge commitment to move abroad. Everything needs to be working properly and in place by the time you start your studies, and for that to be the case you need to consider things like finances, Visas, acceptance guidelines and the quality of education you’ll receive when you finally start the course.

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Fortunately, though, we’ve knocked up an article that does exactly that – the countries that have made their way onto this list have done so not just because of the education you’ll receive there, but also the feasibility of actually going there to study. An MBA is a big commitment, and deciding to do one isn’t something anyone should take lightly. But when the dust settles and you finally graduate, having done your qualification abroad will only make you that much more desirable to future employers. It’s a good move, but it does take careful planning. We hope this article helps.


The ‘states are still one of the most business-focussed countries out there, and the universities in America are well-known for their strong infrastructure and well-taught courses, and of course in the US it’s not all about what you know, but who you know – studying for an MBA in America will gain any student who tries to get them enough contacts to do potentially very well off the back of their address book. It sounds cynical, but this is just how it’s done in US universities – you form a club and make contacts that you’ll be able to call on for the rest of your life.

Another great thing about studying in America is of course the language – everyone speaking English is great if you’re from an English speaking country, and it works out well if you need to perfect learning the language, too. The universities here will also have a well-thought-out internship programme, and so experience will be available to students relatively easily, which often isn’t the case in less business-centred countries.

There are, of course, the more famous business schools in American universities that everybody has heard of, but even a qualification from one of the lesser-known business schools will still be an excellent qualification to have, and the contacts you make will of course still be immensely valuable in your future career.

The UK

The UK has a long and proud history of delivering good, reliable further education in a broad spectrum of topics. Although the UK is less business-obsessed than the US, it still stands very high up on the world’s list of business-friendly countries; London in particular is of course a major player in the world’s economic system, matched only by New York and Hong Kong. Make no mistake: the United Kingdom is still a hugely powerful country on the world stage, and achieving an MBA here is a great way to get ahead of the game in the business world.

The United Kingdom also has a strong Indian population base and is known as a very friendly and tolerant country when it comes to other cultures and nationalities, again, especially in London. This makes it particularly attractive to a wide variety of foreign students, as they are far more likely to find themselves among their peers and working with people who are in a similar situation to their own.

At the same time, the advantage of language is still a big one here, with English having become what’s known as the language of business. Entrepreneurship is also valued highly here, and there are few better places to start spring-boarding a company from than the UK, as it enjoys a particularly strong business relationship with both the US and the rest of Europe as a whole.

Find out more about studying an MBA in the UK and start your course search here.


Although the climate is far from ideal, Canada enjoys a vast wealth of natural resources, and is home to some of the world’s largest and most influential multinational companies. As far as business is concerned, Canada is a much bigger player than many people might expect – the Canadian economy is never in the world news because there’s never anything to report, everything just functions normally and as it’s supposed to, without any of the enormous damage that’s done to economies elsewhere.

There’s also a huge and very attractive jobs market in Canada, with more positions available than the current population is able to fill, and this has resulted in less rigorous immigration practices than elsewhere in the developed world, such as in the UK and US. English is still the main language, gaining Canada some points in that category as well.

Of course, the impact of a good economy isn’t something that a student should have to think about too much until they’ve actually graduated, but in this case it’s a safe bet that not much is going to go wrong with Canada’s economy, which makes it a great place to start getting used to, as far as business is concerned.

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The last country on our list is a little different from the ones above it, and this reflects the changing times that are happening in the world around us. The entirety of Asia is becoming a huge economic powerhouse, larger than the world has ever seen before, and cities (it is a city, after all) like Singapore, Hong Kong, and others are driving it in the right direction. This means if there’s ever been a time to study for a business degree in Singapore, it’s now! The country has developed an obsession for business, and its unique history as a European colony means that both European and Asian businesses have made advances into the city, in the hopes of growing outwards into the rest of Asia.

The language here is also a big advantage – a student hoping to learn some Chinese (it’s the world’s other business language) won’t be disappointed, but English is also spoken extensively on the island, making Singapore the best of both worlds for the second time.

Finally, Singapore is also the cheapest country to study in on our list by a long way – although the quality of the education may not be quite to the same standard, it’s close, and the advantages of living in Singapore may well be worth a small sacrifice on the academic side of things. But that we leave up to you.
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