Study in paradise with Stenden University Bali

By Stenden University Bali

Study in paradise with Stenden University Bali

Can you imagine studying in the morning on a luxurious white sandy beach? Or enjoying a fresh cocktail with a stunning sunset at the end of the day? Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Well, for many students who decided to pursue an internationally recognised Bachelor’s degree abroad in Bali it’s a dream come true.

Apart from the fact that it is a top touristic destination, studying abroad in Bali has a series of other benefits. Read below and you’ll find out why Bali could be the perfect fit to make your studies more than just drowning yourself in assignments, books and research papers.

What can you study at Stenden University Bali?

Currently, the Bali campus offers a Bachelor of Business Administration programme in International Business Administration

Meet a new side of the world with Stenden University Bali

Stenden University is actually a university from The Netherlands that has several campuses worldwide, including in Bali, Indonesia. Programmes are taught in English, teaching style is based on problem-based learning, and professors are professionals that come from various parts of the world.

Other advantages of pursuing a degree at Stenden University Bali

The International Business Administration students have a fair share of real world learning. By the time students finish their course, employers want to make sure to recruit students that have some real-life work experience under their belt. At Stenden, we offer students the opportunity to engage in practical learning and apply theory to practice throughout their time here.

You will discover that ‘practical learning’ includes everything from problem-based learning to project work and work placements. You will get to work on specific case studies and attend lectures by industry experts. You’ll find there’s nothing like the combination of a university education and hands-on learning experience to prepare you for the ‘Real World’ out there!

  • Learn how to translate the knowledge you have acquired into practice
  • Gain valuable work experience during your studies
  • Develop an understanding of your future professional field
  • You have the chance to engage in paid worldwide internships
  • You can go on a one-year study exchange opportunity in The Netherlands
  • Enjoy affordable tuition fees (around 6,600 EUR/year)
  • Study in a multicultural environment

Studying in Indonesia – the land of cultural mix and wild nature

“Unity in diversity” is Indonesia’s motto and this reflects the nation’s complex cultural legacy that has met a fusion between Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European influences. Today, Indonesia is a melting pot of diverse populations and more than 700 languages are spoken here. The interesting part is that Indonesians are some of the most welcoming people ever so you are likely to adjust pretty fast.

Life in Indonesia is unique and special in all terms. First of all, the nation has extensive areas of wilderness, making Indonesia the world’s second highest level of biodiversity. Indonesia is also the world’s largest archipelago inhabiting over 17100 islands. When you’re not involved in studying, you can explore the numerous islands in Indonesia, walk around tropical forests and get a glimpse of what an Orangutan or Sumatran Tiger’s daily life looks like and if you want to feel dazzled away, check out Borobudur, the largest Buddhist monument on earth and many other exciting encounters.

Top 4 fun activities for students in Bali, Indonesia

Although Bali is viewed more as a honeymoon destination, students can take on many activities and have a lot of fun here. Whether you like to visit cultural attractions, enjoy the wonders of nature or simply relax and lay in the sun whilst enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones, Bali will offer you anything you wish.

Visit Bali

  1. Top places to visit in Bali are Pura Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temples, Krakatau volcano, and Goa Gajah, Tana Toraja – a village with boat-shaped houses, Goa Gajah, ‘Elephant Cave’, hike Mt Batur and Mt Agung. In Bali you simply cannot run out of exciting adventures to explore.
  2. You can go on a monkey or elephant safari, see the komodo dragons in their natural habitat, or indulge yourself a nice surf ride.
  3. Bali in itself inspires relaxation, so you should not miss out on the chance to experience yoga, meditation or do yourself a treat and get a spa treatment.
  4. By night, Bali is full of life and you will see some awesome night clubs, roof bars, pubs and you can even join beach club parties and try the traditional Balinese dance.

Apart from all these, you will surely discover unique and interesting places in Bali if you come here.

So what are you waiting for, apply now to Stenden University Bali and start the most incredible study journey!

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