Program the Future as a U of I Computer Science Major

By University of Idaho Global Student Success Program

Computer Science Major

The world is increasingly being run by computers, which means there will be a constant need for Computer Science majors to become the software developers, computer systems analysts and hardware engineers of the future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job growth for software developers is 24%, which means there will be many more jobs opening up in that field – over 300,000 between 2016 and 2026.
The University of Idaho (UI) offers a cutting-edge Bachelor of Science in Computer Science to train students in everything from cyber security to gaming platforms.

A Degree that Computes to Real-World Skills
As computer systems become more important and more diverse, the Computer Science program at UI helps students prepare for the job market by offering a multitude of degree specializations. Students have the flexibility to specialize in an area that best supports their interests and career goals.

Students may focus on areas like:

  • Computer networking
  • Cyber security
  • Computer graphics
  • Gaming
  • Virtual environments
  • Bioinformatics
  • Software engineering

Regardless of what students specialise in, they will be trained in a variety of operating systems, programming languages and computer architectures. Some of the popular courses in the Computer Science program include Computer Organization & Architecture, Software Engineering and Analysis of Algorithms.

A Hands-On Educational Experience
The University of Idaho’s Computer Science program prides itself on how much hands-on experience students receive during their education. The most popular hands-on experience for undergraduates is at RADICL (Reconfigurable Attack-Defend Instructional Computing Laboratory).

At RADICL, students can run cyber security experiments that they would not be able to run in a traditional lab. The lab enables teams of students and researchers to create and deploy multiple independent experiments in the areas of information assurances, cyber-defense and modern computing platforms and networks.

Students can also create a virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure to simulate a large-scale IT environment like those found in businesses and universities. This is helpful for students practicing for the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, which pits universities against each other in challenges designed to test their understanding of protecting a corporate network infrastructure against attacks.

UI’s Rigorous Education Can Lead to Outstanding Career Opportunities
The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UI is a rigorous, highly-rated program. In fact, the UI’s engineering senior capstone design program is ranked one of the best in the nation by the National Academy of Engineers.

Equipped with a competitive degree, UI graduates are landing careers in competitive fields like:

  • Data processing
  • Database administrator
  • Developer/designer of games and virtual environments
  • Operating systems and network administration
  • Programming
  • Software engineer
  • Systems analyst
  • Web design and maintenance

If you’re interested in these careers, then check out the University of Idaho’s Computer Science program. Start by visiting the website to learn the next steps for applying.

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