Meet the challenge, make the change –introduction to social entrepreneurship module at Westminster Business School


There are two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
– Edith Wharton
“How to do more with less” is one goal all managers are working towards in this recessionary economic climate. As MBA students, developing a sense of adaptability through socially responsible business paths will augment our managerial skills and in the process, make us better individuals for tomorrow. Social Entrepreneurship is believed to be an ideal vehicle for this development, and a large number of elite business schools today, are beginning to use this to train MBA students. Aspen Institute, a leading social business research organization, states that Social Entrepreneurship helps MBA students use their creativity and business skills to solve social problems irrespective of their industry sectors or field of study.
At the University of Westminster Business School, ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ is a ‘pilot’ elective module beginning this semester (Sep 2010), and focuses on giving students a practical learning experience in a developing country like Uganda. As MBA students, we will participate in this program not only to develop our business skills but more importantly, to have a long-term impact on the lives of people in Kampala, Uganda by using our skills to promote sustainability. University of Westminster, Westminster Business School and ‘The Great Generation’ (TGG), based in London have partnered to provide this module.
The module will involve MBA students working with three chosen charities in Kampala, both on-site and offshore through TGG on projects that will have an impact on the day to day business processes of these charities including leadership and communication skill development, designing marketing and business strategy for fund raising, and development of management information (MIS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems introducing lasting and real change in the help provided to most venerable families in the area.
Suzanne Gowler, Founder CEO of Great Generation says “The organization has become a vehicle for individuals, communities, companies, schools, NGOs and governments with the interest and the will to apply knowledge and skills, and be part of finding solutions that can bring about lasting change to communities trapped by poverty”
You can find out more about the project, MBA students and their life changing adventure at:
Arvind Kumar Govindarajulu (MBA 2010)

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