Is postgraduate study possible without a Bachelor’s degree?

By Southern Cross University Online

Southern Cross University Online

Southern Cross University Online (SCU Online) recognises that there are many ways in which we learn. The lessons learnt can add as just much value to our lives as a university course. Undertaking postgraduate study can not only develop professional skills but also assist in transforming you into a proficient leader within your chosen field. Here’s how you can take advantage of your industry experience and other forms of study to help progress with your career goals.

Utilise your work experience

In most cases, postgraduate students will have completed a three-year Bachelor’s degree before enrolling into a postgraduate course. If you have not got a qualification however, that doesn’t mean the door to postgraduate study is completely closed. You can advance your career by converting your experience – whether it’s on-the-job learning, continuing professional development or apprenticeships and training – into credit for a postgraduate degree that is recognised worldwide.

If you have five years’ experience in a relevant field, or other qualifications that are deemed equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, you could be eligible to study at postgraduate level without an undergraduate degree. Additionally, if you have extensive professional experience of over seven years, for example, you could receive credit or ‘Advanced Standing’ towards achieving your postgraduate qualification.

Can I use my previous certificate or diploma qualifications?

One of the great things about SCU Online is that they recognise learning and experience at various levels. They encourage you to build transferable skills in order to further your career potential. Even if you didn’t have higher education qualifications when you started your career, your current experience could get you into a Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate, which are both Australian Qualifications Framework Level 8 qualifications. If you have a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma, you can then progress into a Master’s if you wish.

There is comprehensive information on SCU Online’s website to help you determine where you stand with your experience and which pathway will lead you to a SCU postgraduate certificate or diploma, or even a masters degree. In addition, check out the My Career Profile Tool to help you determine how your existing skills can help you, and which course is right for you.

If you’re interested in climbing the ranks within your current industry, or if you want to consolidate your skills to venture into another field, an online course at SCU can help. Find a course that’s right for you online, or receive career or course selection guidance from one of our Student Enrolment Advisors on 1300 589 882.

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