Gam’s survival guide: being an international student at BU

By Bournemouth University

Being an international student at BU

Hi, I’m Gam. I’m from Thailand. I have just finished my MBA at BU and I’m now working for the uni. Many concerns could pop into your head before coming to study here, especially when you are away from your parents for the first time, so you may need a survival guide!

My 4 top tips:

Use support from BU

As an international student, studying and doing all assignments in English could be very challenging for you. Studying in the UK for the first time, you might find studying here very different from your country. Don’t worry, BU has a lot of academic support for you. During the induction weeks, you will learn about how to write academically, how to research, using the library and much more. Also, academic support coordinators are always there for you to help you check your grammar and academic writing. I cannot thank Sue Barnes enough for helping me a lot during my studies in the business school.

Time management

Everything is about time management. Studying a Master’s degree here is only a one year course, therefore it is very intensive! You might be juggling between your studying, working part-time, and personal life at the same time. All the deadlines can be so close to each other. All you need to do is to plan and start doing your assignments as early as you can. There are study skills workshops available from the librarians to help you with your assignments. But don’t wait till it’s close to the deadline! Otherwise, you might end up staying overnight in the library the day before the deadline.

Beat stress by participating in activities!

Studying here is not only about the courses. There are loads of opportunities for you to enjoy and get the most out of your uni life. Get involved in as many activities as you can! There are more than 100 clubs and societies for you to join at BU, from Harry Potter Club and Anime Club to the Bournemouth Bharatiya Club who held a brilliant Diwali celebration. If you are not interested in any of them, you can even set up your own society. Working as a BU Ambassador is also worthwhile, as it allows you to work with interesting people and of course you earn money. You might meet friends for life from participating in these activities. And most importantly, it is fun!

And especially for Postgraduates, stand out from the crowd with the PGDA!

Joining the Postgraduate Development Award is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The PGDA allowed me to fully develop myself personally and professionally, and has given me transferable skills which will benefit me for my whole life! I achieved the Gold Award and Outstanding Contribution Award which is something I am very proud of. This award has played a great role in making my year at BU one of the most precious experiences during my time in Bournemouth.
By Gam Prakaiwan

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