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How to prepare for your MBA Interview Questions

The MBA admissions process can be a daunting prospect. Consisting of numerous tests and interviews most notably the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) which is used to measure your aptitude for graduate business studies.  In our previous article we outlined how to get into a top MBA programme, in this article we examine the MBA interview process, and provide tips and advice on preparing for your MBA admissions interview.The MBA admissions interview process is your chance to sell yourself to the interviewer and the business school you have applied to, and also the business school’s chance to get to know you better.

The interview is very important, and unlike other admission requirements, it cannot be rewritten, or retaken and is your one and only chance to make a good impression. We have written this article to explain the interview process and some of the most commonly asked questions to guarantee you have all you need for the interview process.

The Interview

The interview can take place on campus or off campus.

On campus interviews are usually carried out by 2nd year students that have been given training in the MBA interview process. If you live within travelling distance you should take the opportunity to attend an on campus interview as this will give you the perfect opportunity to explore the campus if you haven’t already. Your familiarity with the campus may help during the interview process, especially with questions such as ‘Why do you want to study at our business school?’.

Off campus interviews are carried out by school alumni in the nearest city to you that the school has alumni in.If it is not possible for you to attend an on campus or off campus interview you will usually be requested to attend a telephone interview.

MBA Interview Questions

Like any interview the best way to prepare is to practise answering interview questions. You can use the 10 common questions listed below for your preparation.

1. Why are you applying to our business school?
2. Why do you want to study the MBA? Why now?
3. What do you expect from the MBA?
4. Have you applied to / thought about applying to any other business schools?
5. Who are you? (Discuss yourself)
6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Aspirations)
7. What are your greatest strengths?
8. What would you say are your biggest weaknesses?
9. Why do you think you are right for our business school?
10. Can you provide an example of a time when you demonstrated leadership?

Simulate the exact conditions of your interview

If you will be attending an on campus or off campus interview try and get a friend to play the part of the interviewer face to face in the same room. If you are attending a telephone interview find out from the business school whether this will be a video call (via skype) or a traditional phone call.  Simulate the call with a friend over the phone or via skype.

Give your friend the list of questions and ask them to act the role of interviewer. You should ask them to throw in a couple of questions of their own to catch you off guard, this will happen in the real interview.

You will definitely be asked to discuss your previous work experience and how this relates to the MBA programme, and how you think the MBA programme will assist with your career aspirations. Try to prepare examples of your past work experience that demonstrate why you want to study the MBA programme, and why you are right for the MBA programme.

Attempt to demonstrate previous times when you have shown leadership qualities that have resulted in achievements within your career, or work place.

Make sure you present yourself in a professional manner, in both your actions and your appearance. Above all remember to be confident, and clearly emphasise your achievements and why you are a perfect fit for that business school.

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