How Part-Time Work Can Enhance Your Business Degree

By StudyLink

Preparing for a career in business involves more than studying abroad for a degree. Though it can be time consuming being a full time student, when you graduate you will find that most employees require some level of work experience before they will consider hiring you. Working part-time as you study is a fantastic way to gain some valuable skills that will make you stand out from other potential candidates.

Once a company has employed you, you can begin to build a great network of contacts. This can be extremely beneficial to you once you enter the working world, so keep this in mind as you are working through your business degree.

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When looking for a job, consider what you would like to do in the future and try to gain some experience in a relevant field. A degree looks great on your CV, but your potential employers will really be looking at what you have been doing alongside your studies. The working world is very competitive and you need to be doing all you can if you want to separate yourself from the crowd and get a great job when you graduate.

By giving yourself a head start, you are showing your future employers that you are passionate and willing to work hard. Take the time to utilise your university career centres, look out for internships and talk with your lecturers. Any advice you can get will be valuable, and though it may not seem so at the time, you will be more than grateful for any extra experience you can get when it’s time to head into the cutthroat world of job hunting.

Even if you cannot find a role in your chosen area, anything is better than nothing. If you work part time in a supermarket or a cinema for example, speak with your bosses and see if you can take some time learning about the business side of the company. You will also learn the importance of commitment and time management, as well as gaining a work ethic, so it’s not as big a shock when you finally leave education behind. It’s important to find the right balance in the real world, so a part time job while studying can help you prepare for this.

Try to apply what you do in the classroom to work and vice-versa. Make it relevant and consider the skills you are learning and what you can do with them. Many of us do our work without even thinking about it, but we pick up more than we realise as we go along, so take note of this and think about how you can make it relevant for a future role.

Many people have a degree now, but it’s the extra things that will make you stand out and help you get the job that you want. As well as earning a bit of extra money along the way, the benefits of part-time work while studying will help you get ahead when the time for full time employment finally comes.

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