“Once You Get Rid of Preconceived Ideas, the DBA Offers You New Perspectives”

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Mohamed Yacine, DBA at BSNMohamed Yacine is a 33-year old married man from Algiers, the capital of Algeria. He is one of the 12 students who started their DBA at BSN this year. His main incentive to do this intense study programme is what he refers to as his ‘deep need to improve himself in terms of education, capabilities to tackle his professional challenges with a higher level of understanding’. Speaking of a well-motivated student, Mohamed is your man.
Being owner of a Training & Consultancy Company employing 50 people, also played a role in his decision. “The idea of the company is analogue, which means we want to serve our clients with a higher level of expertise and action oriented solution. However the ultimate point of the company is to contribute to the positive evolution of Algeria, especially on the training and education sector.”  Moreover, being his own boss also offers Mohamed the opportunity to distribute his time according to what’s most important at that point. “Next to that, the part time curriculum also helps.”
The decision to do the DBA at BSN was a fairly easy one. As for many, for Mohamed the concept of Action Learning was crucial in his decision. “Action learning method focuses on people’s interactions and problems that can arise from interactions. It also focuses on clearing up communication’s interferences in order to concentrate on the important.” The concept of Action Learning blends really well with Algerian culture, says Mohamed. “The approach is especially within our cultural context where people want to be recognized by others through interpersonal signs of communication.”
Seeing things differently
It is his own company picking up the check for the DBA. And even though only a short time has passed since he commenced, Mohamed already perceives changes in the way he operates and thinks. “I realized on the first day of the training that my understanding of the environment around me was in fact very thin. The Action Learning approach points out the most important things in business. I start seeing my environment and people differently, which means I start becoming more patient, more open-minded and less impatient in finding hasty solution before having identified the core problem.”
Any tangible examples of practical changes so far? “I conduct meetings differently. We always used to have people who are not performing well as part of the meeting, while I realize now that we have to organize meetings based on the idea that each of the attendees is invited to share his point of view, even if he is not expert on the subject.”
Recently Mohamed visited Buren for the introduction days, a very inspiring visit. “The atmosphere at BSN in Buren is characterized by the international touch – I immediately noticed the multicultural presence with students from all over the world.”
The most valuable lesson he has learnt over the last couple of weeks? “To remove and delete prejudices.” That would also be his #1 advice for people considering doing a DBA: ‘get rid of preconceived ideas about the action learning DBA, it will offer you new perspectives on the way you see things.”
More information on the International DBA Programme >>> www.bsn.eu/internationalDBA

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