Get out of your comfort zone at Inholland!

By Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Get out of your comfort zone at Inholland

Studying abroad is no piece of cake, but it is a rewarding experience. What’s the first step when deciding to study abroad? Get out of your comfort zone!
For the next years you will be experiencing a new culture, new way of living, ups and downs. You will meet people from all walks of life. Studying at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands comes with many things to think about and fears to overcome. However, it will give you the opportunity to expand your horizons, work on your dreams and get to know yourself better. Being away from your hometown, family and friends is also part of the experience. Homesickness is something that every other person who has studied abroad can deal with, so can you.

Get out of your comfort zone at Inholland

Get out of your comfort zone at Inholland

Being a student abroad is indeed a life changing experience, but you will have to make every step count! Embrace the cultural diversity in the Netherlands, share your stories and traditions with others, accept that people do things differently here, but never be too shy to speak your mind. Everyone speaks English in the Netherlands, but do learn some words in Dutch, the locals will appreciate it.
There are plenty of perks to being a student in the Netherlands. The country is located in the heart of Europe and students like its diverse and international environment, and its vibrant lifestyle. The Netherlands stands out for innovation, problem-solving attitude and its openness to the world. The country welcomes students who want to be pioneers, are up for a challenge, and open to its multicultural environment. It offers something for every taste and area of interest.
Excited to study in the Netherlands? If the answer is ‘yes’, then your next step is to choose the best education. The Netherlands is well-known for its high-quality education and practice-based learning. So is Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Inholland students have the opportunity to meet interesting multicultural students, to learn from the experience of their teachers and lecturers and put into practice the knowledge they gain through real-life projects and internships. Inholland is international and innovative, and it offers English-taught bachelor programmes to students who are ready for a challenge abroad!
Studying at Inholland is likely to be different than what you are used to in your home country. The practical approach to education combined with the endless possibilities for personal and professional growth will make your experience unforgettable and will turn you into an invaluable asset to the professional world.
So get out of your comfort zone and join us!

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