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Organisations have an enormous impact on all of us as business owners, managers, employees, as customers and more generally as citizens. We are born in, educated in, work in and play in, are governed by, obtain goods and services from, receive medical treatment in and die in organisations. These organisations are all managed to a greater or lesser degree.
We therefore need to debate management and organisations; they are too important in our everyday lives to be left unexamined. So whose objectives do they serve, why and how? Who benefits from what these organisations do or do not provide? Who does not?
Management and organisations have created many of the achievements of the modern world, but are also profoundly implicated in the pressing global problems facing us today: the persistence of war, violence, the degradation of the natural environment, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, unhealthy and unsafe work environments, work-lie imbalance and the unequal global distribution of wealth, to name but a few.
The University of Leicester School of Management aims to facilitate the development of reflective practitioners who are able to improve upon their own management practices as they develop both their careers and the organisations in which they work.
The Leicester MBA looks at management in a different light and looks for students who are willing to have their basic managerial assumptions challenged. Our goal is to equip you with a range of relevant theories, techniques and concepts, however, whereas most western business schools stop there, we go further. We guide you as you unpick these concepts, challenge them and question their relevance to contemporary society and use this knowledge to inform practice, for we believe that management is too important not to debate.
Why the Leicester MBA?
The Leicester MBA will expose you to the current debates in the literature on management and organisations, and support you in exploring a wealth of issues and perspectives.
The research talents within the School of Management are far-reaching and this research feeds directly into our teaching, allowing you to learn from those currently involved in cutting-edge research in your area of interest.
We attract students and academics from all over the world, ensuring a truly global feel and allowing you to become part of an inclusive, diverse and professional international network.
The Leicester MBA is designed to benefit you as an individual and enable you to contribute to the success of your organisation.
The programme has been designed to cover the spectrum of management subjects, calling on a wide range of expertise. It allows you to concentrate on general management or our range of optional modules provides you with the flexibility to tailor your study to suit your career needs.
The Leicester MBA is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). AMBA accreditation is internationally recognised as the global standard for all MBA programmes, meaning you can be confident of our quality.
Get ahead and join the debate – Join the Leicester MBA

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