From your passion to your successful career with EIT Digital Master School

By EIT Digital Master School

Technology is leading the world today and EIT Digital is aware of the digital revolution that surrounds us. Students at EIT Digital Master School are passionate about digitisation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Transforming passion into a successful career is something EIT Digital is proud to deliver. The approach offered by the Master School programmes allows students to occupy positions with a high labour insertion, since companies need to adapt quickly and innovate.

‘During my two years with EIT Digital I had countless opportunities to get jobs and start my own company. I was part of several hackathons where companies offered our team to work for them, but also at events at the two universities I had opportunities already’, said Leonard Stutzer, who pursued a Master’s degree in Cloud and Network Infrastructures. ‘Yes, I will easily find a job with the education I got from EIT Digital.’

For most people who enter a Master’s degree, being able to launch their career and find a job is the primary objective. ‘First of all, you have access to the EIT Digital network, being able to reach universities from all across Europe’, said Victor Schmit, a graduate of the EIT Digital Cybersecurity programme. ‘A single university focuses on the programme THEY offer. But, with EIT Digital, you can choose from various universities to specialise even more. For example, in my case, I was able to choose the University of Turku for its specialisation in Security of Networked Systems’.

Students in the two-year EIT Digital Master School choose from among seven technical programmes, each of which is provided by two world-class universities located in different European countries. They spend a year at each school and receive a separate degree from each one. Along with providing technical competence and practical skills that other universities give, the EIT Digital Master School includes training in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Students are automatically plugged into the EIT Digital community, Europe’s largest digital innovation ecosystem. The network of more than 350 European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities, and research centres, provides valuable connections. Students prepare their master’s thesis in collaboration with a company, developing a business plan for the commercial exploitation of their project – essentially a roadmap they could use to launch their own start-up.

Top 5 reasons why you should study at EIT Digital:

  • You can study among the top 16 technical universities
  • You can choose between 7 countries where to study in. 
  • We have 200+ industry partners in our ecosystem. 
  • The 95% of the EIT Digital graduates found and employment within 6 months after the graduation. 
  • The 93% of the Alumni work in the same or related field of their studies.

The EIT Digital Master School seeks out the best technical students and equips them with cutting-edge knowledge and business skills, to help guarantee Europe’s leading role in the global digital economy.
Do you dare to take your passion to the next level? Discover the 7 Master’s Programmes, choose the one that suits you best, and join us!

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