Fashion management graduate programs: let’s talk about MFI professional courses

By Milano Fashion Institute

Milano Fashion Institute

I have always described Milan as a city full of opportunities, in fact, I will not deny this time either. Milan is a crossroads of souls, a square where different cultures dance together which are all driven by the same fuel: The Business.

“Business” to “Milan” equal “Osso Buco” to “Risotto alla Milanese”

It is a basilar concept, as a mathematical proportion! This is based on the great part of the jobs that can be looked for especially those in the managerial sector. For the “Managerial Sector” I think of all those jobs where there is a need for a person who takes charge of teaching, organizing, making decisions and above all never giving up. Milano Fashion Institute is aware of this and thus trains its students ready to cover this kind of figure in the Fashion Management sector.

Let me explain better!

We offer you five professional masters in management, which in turn are divided into Masters in Fashion Direction and Masters in Lifestyle Management. About Master in Fashion Direction, we mean four masters that cover the most active sectors within a company: the product area, the business area, the communication area, and from this year, we also cover the corporate sector regarding sustainability.

So we have: Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management;
Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management;
Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Communication Management;
Master in Fashion Direction: Product Sustainability Management.

About Master in Lifestyle Management, we have a only master but it is a master that spans multiple sectors. It’s called Master in Lifestyle Management: Design, Beauty & Events Management and trains its students to be versatile in these three sectors. Another added value, but this for your student career, is that these masters are recognized by MIUR and have the value of 60 ECTS issued by the Politecnico di Milano.

The Masters represent a unique path in the international training scene, thanks to the multidisciplinary content and the important work done by our Faculty, made up of teachers from universitàBocconi, Politecnico di Milano, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in consultation with professionals and successful managers of the fashion and lifestyle sectors. Each master is designed around specific professional figures, junior level, starting from the characteristic processes, in concert with a transversal sensitivity capable of allowing these figures the suitability for growth paths also transversal.

If, on the other hand, you are already a professional in the Fashion System and you just want to enrich your knowledge, Milano Fashion Institute offers 5 short courses, also here, on different sectors like Law, Sustainability, Jewellery, Startup, and Innovation in the fashion world. So we have Fashion Law, New Sustainable Fashion, Jewellery Today, Startup For Fashion, Fashion 4.0. But not only that, we offer you two other special courses, Fashion Law Seminar and Fit New York Certificate Program. The first is a one-day seminar where the most important legal issues for fashion brands in the U.K. and European contexts will be discussed; the second is a multi-day course organized together with Fashion Institute of Technology – New York. This course provides students an opportunity to explore and engage in the lifestyle of Milan, learn from experts in fashion, luxury, beauty, hospitality and culture, and synthesize their experience within an academic framework.

… I don’t add anything else!

Obviously, if I intrigued you and if you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us, we will explain every detail!

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