Ask Anna – When Should I Start Looking for a Course?

By StudyLink

So you have decided you want to study abroad, but you’re not sure where, or even possibly when. When should you start looking for courses and destinations?
You’d be forgiven for thinking there is one set date for study abroad deadlines, but in reality, there are many different intake dates, spread out across the year. What you’ll find is that you’re favoured institution may have just closed applications for this year, or that you’d be rushed to apply for the forthcoming intake. That’s fine though, and you shouldn’t panic and rush to apply to your favoured institution. Instead, take your time to conduct further research about studying abroad. We have lots of important information that you should read before applying, so having some extra time is useful!
A study abroad experience can take two years to prepare for, that’s two years before you even arrive at the university! Start by choosing a course that you’re passionate about. Talk to your family and current teachers about what course may be best for you, but don’t let them pressure you into studying something you don’t want to. Studying abroad is a very personal experience, that’s individual to you, so make sure you choose the course you want to study. Next, you’ll need to choose a country that you want to study in. This is the fun part, and as such can go on for a while. Finding out about all the options you have can start to make your head spin, but by reading through our destination guides, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Once you’ve decided on where you want to study, you’ll need to make sure you can afford it! Find out the cost of studying abroad in your chosen country with a service such as StudyCostCompare. Next up is the visa. To study abroad, you’ll probably need a student visa, so you’ll want to learn about study abroad visas. We’ve got some great advice on our blog and regularly update you if you sign up to our mailing list. Finally, you’ll need to apply for the course.
As you can see, this can all take a while! So when should you start looking for a course? The answer is now!
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